Swiffer Wet-Jet

Many people have told me about how it is toxic and dangerous to children and pets but after looking it up i have found no solid evidence of this. i have found many articles...


How do you keep your kitchen floor clean?

I have 16 month old twin boys and in order to keep my kitchen floor clean I would have to sweep and mop 3x a day, who has time for that? We are trying to keep the boys from...


"Age appropriate" toys

How much attention do you pay to the age recommendations on toys? Last night I bought a harmonica for my son, who is 21 months old. It was a total impulse buy and I didn't...

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Eating by themselves?

My daughter will be one year old on the 4th and people keep telling me to let her try eating on her own or she will never learn. I let her eat things like noodles or cut up hot...


Does your toddler do chores?

My hubby usually naps before dinner, so its my son's job to clear all his toys off the table, set the placemats, and go get his dad for supper. I also make him clean up...

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Hard wood floors or carpet?

getting ready to move and looked at a place the other day with ALL wood floors. i liked it for the easy clean up and no stained carpets to clean. i have a 3 year old who trips...

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a few of my favorite things!

So what have you found to make your life easier with children? here's a few of mine... Pack-n-Play Swiffer Wet Jet! Birdseye Steamfresh Veggies (YUMMY!) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

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lets give eachother potty training tips.

it seems like after reading the conversations most of us are training our 2 yr olds.i think it would be helpful for us to share our own experiences.successfull or not. we can...

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How can I keep the dirt down?

This is my issue. I am a complete neat freak. Recently I remove all the carpet in the house and went to hardword floors. I sweep almost every hour and I still can get a dirtpan...

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What is your cleaning routine

I am a mother of one very active 19 month old son. I find it hard sometimes to get all of the cleaning done. So I am wondering what is everyone cleaning routines.

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