Extravagant/Expensive Birthday

Every year is special for your child… But there are the milestone birthdays where you “Go all out” like becoming a teen (13), turning 16…ect...and each culture has...

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Questions about flying/airports

Hi, Sorry if there's a weird conversation posted on the board listed as "-1" replies about flying... I tried to delete it and haven't quite figured this all out yet. We...


How can I get the baby's dad involved more?

My husband is not quite as involved with the baby as I'd like him to be. How can I encourage him to 1-interact with the little one 2-help me more with her daily care 3-do...

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Need Help With a VIOLENT 5 yr old.

There is no violence in our home, my husband and I get along very well. My husband works all day and does not come home till night but spends as much time with our 5 year old as...

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I am all for healthy eating but..........

Mother’s Fight Against Junk Food Puts a School on Edge Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times MeMe Roth, a publicist and an Upper West Side mother of two, is getting really,...

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Any Tips for Traveling with an Infant?

I'm a military mom stationed overseas, and am flying stateside with my 3 months old while my husband is deployed. She's a breastfed baby; she'll accept a bottle, but I'll need...

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Nervous. lIttle girl coming soon.

So im 30 weeks pregnant. Im 17 years old. And i wasn't nervous at first till now cause its going by so fast. I feel so unprepared even though we have almost everything. I mean,...


Any tips for traveling with baby?

Hi Moms, For my son's 1st birthday we will be traveling back home to visit with family and celebrate with a party at the beach! We are traveling to Guam, which is about a 14...

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Best gear for hiking with baby?

I am hoping weather will be good enough in a month or two to start day hikes with my newborn. She will only be 3-4 months old at that time. What is the best way to hold my...

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