Is it just me?

My son is almost 1, his father and I had only been together for a few months before I found out I was pregnant(got preg the first time we had sex). When I was like 2 months...


first PCS, what to expect?

My husband is Air Force, and we're about to do our first PCS from Virginia to Missouri in February. They didn't give us much notice, he found about it in October and here it is...


being a step parent!

I have a 10yr old stepdaughter whom I love deeply! I have been with my fiance for over 5yrs now and have known them for even longer. Now let me begin by saying this is not a...

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Just wanting to sound off

I have a 4 1/2 yr old daughter who is under the consultant at the hospital due to her behaviour, i also ave a 7 year old daughter who is quite badly affected by my younger...


Teenagers and ADHD meds..

OK.. I have a question for those of you who can possibly help.. I have twin 15 year old girls. Both diagnosed with severe high end ADHD/ADD. One has multiple other health...


Childhood Abandonment by choice??

I have an 8 year old step son who lives with my husband and I, his bio sister (age 11) and my 2 sons (ages 10 and 6) full time - they go see their "other parents" 4 days a...


Male/female stereotypes

I recently got in an argument with my mother-in-law over housekeeping. My husband does nothing to help around the house and subsequently my daughter doesn't do much to help...

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How do you all feel about the Octuplet mom?

In case you weren't already aware, there is a woman that lives in California that just gave birth to 8 babies. That's right, 8 babies! Of course, she did this through IVF....

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Is it wrong???

Ok my mother in law is not the greatest mother out there she is a drug addict and an alcoholic! When I met my now husband he was smoking pot and drinking everyday. I convinced...

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Sin problem

If Romans 6:14 says that sin no longer has dominion over you , then why do Christians use it as a crutch to sin?

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Feeling disconnected with old friends

I had my baby four months ago and we love, love, love her! I can't imagine my life without her. These past four months have been very stressful and trying-you know, the...

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Being Human

I don't understand the argument that I hear quite often when it comes to breast feeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing and all organic discussions. When moms say every other mammal...

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