Old baby towels

I have a huge pile of hooded baby towels that are too small for my little one. Besides donation, is there anything to make from these or ways to upcycle them??



Hello am a single mum of a nearly 3 year old to be . I have a sister , who has never really bothered with me all my life, .I have a brother , hes got a 4 year old .they don't...


What are fun activities to with a 2 and 4 indoor?

I already got some ideas like ziplock bag painting, dance time, i printed some free road for their cars, and i made match shapes game for them. They love that. No activities...

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My IUD is falling out!!!

I am married mom of a two year old and a stillborn son. I am a bit of a fertile fertile as my son was conceived on birth control with a backup method. After my son passed we...


High chair

My son is 20 months. I have a few people who think he should be out of a highchair. He is quite hyper but should I try to start. He sometimes likes his highchair and other...


One year old tantrums!!

My daughter is such a loving child. Here recently she has started throwing major one year old tantrums. Laying on the floor kicking her feet, screaming at the top of her lungs....


help please

Hi my 19 year old daughter thinks she can do as she pleases in our home. She works 1 day a week but could work more. Because of her boyfriend she wont. She attends university...


Why does he cry??

My 17 month old cries all the time and it drives me crazy. He is a happy baby he likes to dance and laugh. However he goes through these phases where he just cries and wants me...


Empty nest syndrome

Missing my kids even though we knew they would spread their wings and fly away, but the house feels so empty and lifeless without them. I wish them the best in everything they...


My stepson

This is my 2nd marriage. I have a 22yo and an 18 yo from my first marriage. I've being single for 17 years and raised my kids, put them through school, and did it all by myself....

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first time mom

Hello everyone! I'm a first time mom and just gave birth to twin girls a month and a half ago. My problem is that, I don't know how to manage my time for household chores and...

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Baby Foods

My son Matthew is 5 months he is a breastfeeding baby, the last month I have been givin him formula and breast milk and now I started giving him cereal. I also introduced him...


Fighting the "Terrible Twos" stage

Hi, I just joined the circle of moms so I am still learning how to use this website. I am 21years old and I am a first time mother, I had my son in august 2013 and he is now 2...


One tough chick!

My 13 month old grand daughter keeps biting at day care. To the point that they are talking about "suspending" her! It been many years since I had babies and back then, to...


Son left for basic training

He left 4 days ago and it's so hard not to be able to text and check in. I don't have a clue of the schedule, I googled some stuff which was helpful, any one know how I write a...


Walking to bus stop

My son is 13 and walks home from the bus stop but I drop him off every morning at the bus stop, his bus comes at 6:10 am and it's still dark. I feel like he should be getting up...

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