dry skin - eczema

My son is 16 months old and is showing signs of eczema which is spreading. It started on the top of the knees and has spread to behind the knees. To the back and buttocks, arms...



Ran across another post of a mom who didn't want her daughter dating a boy with tattoos. What are your thoughts on tattoos? Would you be upset if your son/daughter got tattoos...


On your back!!

Hopefully for most of you, the idea of birthing flat on your back brings up facts about how that's the least effective position short of hanging from the ceiling by your ankles,...

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Booster Seats

How old and how much does a child have to weight in order to be in a booster seat? my daughter will be 4 in a week, and weighs 29.5 lbs. the booster seat i found, has the high...

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how to punish in public

i do believe in spankng. however, with all the judgemental holier than thou types i hate doing it in public cause somone always seems to think they have the right to say...


Epidural Back Pain

I had the epidual when I had my son 5 weeks ago and since I have had terrible back pain. It's just above my bum off to the left close to where it was. I can't sit forward for...


Stretch Marks!!!

I went from 92lbs before pregnancy to 167 right before delivery!! I have extremely bad stretch marks on my belly, sides, thighs, and butt! LOL!! I am looking for ways to get rid...

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Sleeping HELP!

I ahve some questions, about sleeping Miss olivia will sleep during the day in her bouncy seat or her basinet but not at night, like at night time I will feed her last feeding...

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Self-Mutiliation and kids.

I spoke with a mom today who uses self-mutilation to deal with her depression regarding her own childhood sexual abuse by her father. She has 2 daughters ages 6 and almost 9....

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Strawberry Hemangioma

My baby girl has a strawberry hemangioma on her forehead. She was not born with it, but it showed up about 2 weeks after she was born. Does anyone else here have a baby with...

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Weird Rashes - Doctors don't have a clue!!!

My 21 month old daughter gets weird rashes on her legs and sometimes stomach and arms. Sometimes it looks like heat rash and sometimes it looks like bug bites. It doesn't seem...

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Stretch Marks

Ok, I have stretch marks from bearing the fruit of my husband's loins (also known as Rowan). I'm ok with that, I don't find them disgusting or repulsive and neither does my...

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Painful Stretch Marks :(

I got some (deeper) stretch marks from caring my son. I already had some faint ones on my butt & upper thigh from lots of lifting & working out in high school & college. I...

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How important are looks

We all know people can be judgmental , especially women so when it comes to your appearance how important is it to you ? do you believe your appearance is an extension of your...

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