anxiety and breastfeeding

I am an anxiety prone person. I was taking medication before I became pregnant, but weaned off as soon as I found out. My son is 5 months old and the anxiety seens to get worse...

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Constipation and Gas

What can we do?? His gas is so painful he does not want to be put down! Constipation is a concern too.....he has this and he is only 10 weeks!!!!

Started by Crystal on 10/21/2009 in Babies And Infants

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getting tired of dipers

my son will be 4 in jan and he has not stoped goin potty in his pants i have tried everything ...i ask him if hes got to go he tell me no then 5 mins later hes wet i make him...

Started by Kimberly on 10/28/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Should I use this car seat?

Okay, here's the deal. My parents were given a car seat from some people at church to use for my son. (My son is 7 months) Anyway, the car seat didn't come with instructions...

Started by Sarah on 04/24/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Take a look at this website for a min and read the article, I know it's a little outdated from December of 2005, but I did look up todays standard practices and nothing has...


4 month immunizations

I took my baby thursday to get his 4 month shots. I have been doing research about the shots and autism. Does anyone think that its true? Have any of u split your babies shots...

Started by Krista on 06/19/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Good Tandem Pram/Stroller??

Hi all, does anyone know or have any advice on a decent tandem stroller? Not the side by side ones but the front and back ones as I need to still get through supermarket aisles....

Started by Anita on 07/13/2010 in Twins 2008

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no support from in laws

I am feeling overwhelmed buy my kids..They need to be with me 24/7..I feel suffocated. I cannot even be there for my husband, because after being suffocated all day by my kids,...

Started by Lynn on 08/14/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Butt paste to use with cloth diapers

Hi there, My daughter is 16 months old and we are still using disposables. We are getting ready to switch to cloth as soon as my order arrives. She gets a lot of diaper rashes...


Trying to conceive in the next 3 months

My husband and I are trying to conceive in the next 3 months, I have been off the pill for over a year now and we have just been taking the when it happens it happens way. But,...

Started by Tawnee on 09/08/2010 in Trying To Conceive

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Starting to wean off the bottle...

Hey girls! My daughter has recently shown a disinterest in her bottle. I talked to the Doc about it and he said you can start weaning off the bottle (BTW she is 11 months and...

Started by Emily on 02/02/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Good news if you pump!!

IRS says breast pumps tax deductible expense By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER The Associated Press Thursday, February 10, 2011; 1:45 PM WASHINGTON -- The cost of breast pumps will now be...


Ultrasound genders?

I'm not quite 18 weeks yet like we thought according to the measurements. My whole pregnancy has been extremely mild, I've had no morning sickness, I have all the tell tale...


Balancing nursing and being a mom?

Anyone having a hard time trying to spend time being a great mother and a great nurse? Sometimes I feel that I am neglecting the kids with all the overtime i have to put in,...


need ideas!

mums? do u have suggestions how to get 21 month old twin boys stay calm at travelling time by areoplan for 4 hours keeping in mind that iam travelling alone and this is my first...

Started by Demiana Fahmy on 10/16/2012 in Twins

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Dad doesnt help but wants custody?

My sons father doesnt not send any money to help. i recently moved from tennessee to wyoming because while on vacation he decided he didnt want us to come back home. I am 21...

Started by Galen on 01/06/2013 in Single Moms

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