need advice on how to handle a situation

We found out last month that SD (who will be 4 next month) has been told about her BM (by BM's family) since she passed....when SD was not quite 13 months!!! DH and I know how...

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how do you "punish" a 10 month old?

My daughter is 10 months old, and has a sister who is 3 going on 4..... the problem we've been having recently is that the baby has 6 teeth now ( 4 on top and 2 on bottom ) and...

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Just had to share!!!

I am wired and literally on cloud nine right now! So much so, that I can't sleep at the moment! It's 12 midnight and I'm up sharing this with everyone! We were about to lay...

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What would you done?

I gave my boss plunty of notice when I tried to call out I was due to be at work at 7am Saturday morning. I started calling my boss at around 1pm Friday letting them that my...

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19 and pregnant with baby # 2

I am an army wife so my husband will be leaving Dec 2, 2010 for New York. I can't go until I have our second son, which means I am going to be here with our 2 yr old son and a...

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Hysterical Crying in the pram

Hi all, Well I'm at my wits end about now! For the past 5 days, everytime we attempt to go for a walk with the pram my 2 month old ends up hysterically crying. I swear I can...


need help

so im a single mom to a 2 and a half year old. i was with the guy that we thought was her dad for 3 years he watched her be born and has raised her for 2 years. in july we did...

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Serious ex issues! Help!

Due to work and the opportunity for a better quality of life, I am pursuing a petition to relocate from Southeastern Pennsylvania to Northeastern Ohio. This is about a seven...

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Bad Inflenences at school?

Anyone had to deal with their child being friends with someone that was clearly a bad influence and any suggestions on how to negate the friendship or encourage better choices...

Started by Tiffany on 03/05/2009 in School-Age Kids

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Tips for discipline without yelling?

I am trying to find effective ways to get my Son to listen to me without having to resort to yelling. He's 2y, 8 mo. and I swear he has me trained. I never start out with...