Life insurance and wills

Do any of you have wills and life insurance policies? The reason why I ask is i am checking into life insurance. I have 2 stepsons, and a possibility of adopting our foster...

Started by Jennifer on 06/24/2009 in Step Moms

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What would you do in this situation?

I have never been in this situation and don't know how to handle it. My (ex) fiance and I have been together for five years and he has chosen for our daughter and I to move back...



My boys will be a year on December 18th. Lately they have become super clingy to me. They fight over my attention, climb all over me, knock each other down to get the closest...


I'm at a loss, help me please?

My boy is 5 months, he has acid reflux. He's on cereal and prilosec for it. Cereal to hold the spit up down. and prilosec for the burning. He eats a bottle, and then about an...


help please

hi i have a four year old son, he keeps asking me for a sister. but when i try to talk to his dad, he just says one is fine. he feels our son will be left out, or that he cant...


For fun..your freakum dress???

you know what i mean, that dress in the back of the closet you pull out every once in awhile to remind the husband why he stopped you in the club that night... what does it...

Started by Tah on 07/30/2011 in Just Debates

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Any advice?

I recently have noticed that my milk supply has severly dwindeled. My daughter is a little over six months old and I was hoping to nurse her exclusivley for at least a year,...

Started by Jamie on 01/26/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Birth Control pill good / bad

So I have been wondering alot of pro life sites as of late gathering info. I pose this question I do agree that the BC pill is bad if in fact it does abort fertilized eggs and...

Started by Misty on 12/08/2009 in Pro-Life Mothers

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i hate this life

bens nurse came today to flush his portacath and change his mickey button,he screamed cryed,it took 4 of us to pin him down after 3 hours it was done ,i cant bear to see him...


Stepdaughters mother is sending death threats

Me and my husband have been together 5 years, in the beginning there was a bit of hassle with my now stepdaughter and her mother regarding me. (sd was only 8 so in no way to...

Started by Stacie on 09/05/2010 in Step Moms

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Bad case of MUMMY-LITIS!!!!

Ok so im at my wits end now,my 7 week old refuses to go to daddy or granny.She screams her lungs out and when i eventually take her she immediately settles down.She refuses for...


13 yr old dont want to go to school

Hi everyone! I'm new here. I found this website while searching for help with my 13 year old daughter. She don't want to go to school. This has been an on going problem for...

Started by Tonya on 10/22/2012 in Back-to-School

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