What is your favorite book or activity to do with your children that teaches them about honesty?

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solids and breastfeeding

my son is 6 month and he's a big baby so at 5 months i started to introduce solids. i would always breastfeed first then offer food, the problem now is i've offered him food but...


I need some advice quick!!! :)

Question: Is it okay to inform your SK's friends parents that the BM is a felon? I am asking this because my son's are 7 & 9 their BM is just now becoming involved in their...

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Potty training my almost 4 yr old daughter

I feel as if I have tried everything to get my daughter potty trained and nothing seems to be working and I am just about at my whits end. She needs to be fully potty trained by...

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For complete obedience to the will of God

Its been a difficult couple of years, since I committed myself to studies. I've haven't been to church much. Due to demand of studies and other obligation. I resigned from the...

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Does anyone have any advise on when and how to stop breastfeeding there baby? Also when could I start pablum and 3% milk? My daughter is almost 3months old and has strickly...

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My daughter calling her dads gf mom

My ex left me when I was 6 months pregnant with my now 2 year old child. He left me for another girl. From things I've been told and have seen this girl is very trashy. They...

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other kids bad habits

I find it very hard when my son picks up another bad habit from kids he is around. For example Im a single mother my son is 1 1/2 he has just started having his father in his...


What world is Obama really living in?

I loved this article, it really cuts to the chase of a whole lot of the push back against this president. Conservatives already know this, but I hope this article is eye opening...


Young Mommy!

Hi, I may not be overly young, being 21 and having a 11 month old daughter. Though to most I am still young. I do not mind. I always knew I wanted to have children young, the...