Should it be legal? Have you ever? Will you tell your children you did (if you did) when they ask you?

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Birthday Surprise

Well its my husbands birthday today, so on Saturday I started a special birthday celebration from him and myself. Its going to be a week long event. So on Saturday night after...


Mary Mother of God, and Epiphany celebrations

Anybody want to share how they plan to celebrate Mary Mother of God (which is tomorrow, New Year's Day), and Epiphany (Jan. 6th)? Other than making it to mass and teaching the...

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I was just curious what everyone has planned or is planning for their little one for their big One birthday?

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low sex drive help !!!!

iave 4 children 5yr 3yr nearly 2yr an nearly 1yr ive now got a rewally low /non existent sex drive my partner thinks its him but i just dont want it at all please help if any...


why can't I get pregnant?!

My first child was born in Sept of 2009 and she's about to turn one. We decided to start trying to have number two in June and its just NOT working...Our first pregnancy wasn't...


I have NO sex drive.. Do you?

I have not had a sex drive since I gave birth to my son two years ago. Nothing about it is enjoyable anymore. Not only am I tired from work, exercise, housework, finances, and...


is it wrong to want time to myself?

I love my little girl with all my heart and i would do anything for her but she is a handful! she never listens to me and is always pushing her boundaries and i know its normal...


Scariest thing you did as a teen...........

and your parents never found out about it? We had parties when they werent home. We all have done that. I was in two different car accidents. I was not driving in either...

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Is it normal...???

Is it normal to just want the baby out... hahaha i am 37 weeks pregnant and i am sooo sooo ready for this baby to just come..i am so bitchy and in so much pain with my back that...


Smokers: When you smoke, where are your kids?

I have a friend who smokes. She is a heavy smoker and has 2 kids. When she smokes she leaves them in the house: Alone. She claims the newborn is sleeping and the 3yo is...

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Mother Earth Hour

Tonight, the largest voluntary action for the environment is reaching further than ever before. Earth Hour is being celebrated in a record 150 countries and territories and 6494...

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