Girl names

Im pregnant due may 10..Not sure of the sex of the baby yet. but I'm already starting to think of names.I already picked out a boy name but I cant not find any good girl...


girls names?

we just found out we are having our third.. our daughter is abbygail lily, our sons name is xavier connor, we already have a boys name picked out but are looking for another...

What did you name your baby?

I was just curious since we all had babies in the same month...wondering what is going to be popular now. I named my daughter Julia.


We need help with some girl names...

We are looking for original girl names, we don't know yet what we are having, (but I am so hoping it is a girl!!) and we have a son named Zackary William. If we have a boy my...


Need Boy-Girl Twin Names!

Twins are due in a month and I still don't have names! Please help! I would like them to sound nice togther, but not matchy. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Need help with girl names. Please =)

I posted something almost the same as this last week but i didn't get much help on the topic. I am almost 20 weeks into my pregnancy and I am having a girl. Just trying to get...


super girly girl names?

I want to name my baby girl something 'wow' beautiful. I know that is diff for a lot of people but I would love some suggestions. I love the name Layla, but my boyfriend...


Baby names...

Trying for another bubb and it's my turn to choose the names... so girls I really need some help cuz I have no idea!!!


baby names

I'm really having a hard time w/ a name for my third!!! Everything I onced like is way to popular. Any cute but NOT strange ideas for boys/girls??? Thx, Britt


It's a girl! Names???

I just found out I am having a girl. Due in October. I need some help with names. I like unique but not to crazy names. My sons name is Braxton. So any suggestions would be...