CD'ing when its hot!!?

We live in southern Arizona and I have been wondering about what the best diaper cover will be for summertime use. Last summer the average temp here was 110 with several days...


Wool soakers yes or no?

I have never used wool soakers. I see them on most sites. Are they like covers or are they the diaper and you still use a cover?


Wool diaper covers/soakers

I've never made any diapers for my son, but I am very interested. I am currently using Thirsties diaper wraps, and organic unbleached prefolds. Would rather use wool, but they...


Sewing Wool Covers

I just got a fantastic deal on some 100% wool fabric on ebay and I'm doing research on sewing some wool covers. I'm planning to use this technique:...


new to "CD-ing"!

I am a first time mom due in September and really want to use cloth diapers. My mom used them for all her kids, but she had a service bring her fresh ones weekly and haul away...


Help! with CD

Can someone explain to me the difference in an AIO diaper, fitted, and pocket diaper? AIO is pretty self explanatory, but do I need extra liners or absorbency for them? and do...



Anybody use wool? I REALLY want to try it, I actually think it might look cuter and feel more comfortable for my sweet baby. She would prob appreciate the nice air...


Cheapest place to buy covers??

I really like the Thirsties AIO diaper covers...but I only have 4. Along with 12 pocket diapers, so we don't have enough to 100% CD. Where is the cheapest place you have found...


new members

Howdy ladies, I just want to send out a hello. And kinda a intro I guess. My name is Vilate Thacker I live in Utah in the middle of nowhere and I have 6 kiddos. I love my...


Cloth Diapers, your opinions?

I'm using cloth diapers and trying to find what's going to work best for me and baby. So far I've used Bum genius which I'm not a huge fan of because the entire shell and liner...


can I post about my diaper?

I make and sell cloth diapers. i use organic hemp fleece and organic bamboo velour. They are amazing. If you want to be more organic, what better way than to get rid of those...

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Disposable vs. Reusable

Lately, though I'm only thirteen weeks in, I've been looking into baby needs and I have seen many women review reusable diapers with great responses, saying they save money....

Started by Victoria on 07/20/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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do you use fitteds that need covers?

I am just curious... I have used pocket diapers, prefolds, AIOs and AI2s. I got a free Kissaluvs Marvels diaper, and am not sure I would use it much, since it needs a cover....


Your favorite cloth diaper website!

Besides this one :) We have a three-month-old, and we want to make the transition to cloth diapers. Even my husband is down! What are your favorite websites for all things...