Biting and scratching

Hi everyone!! My baby girl was born on 29 Aug 08. She is gorgeous and so adorable - she is completely different from her almost 4 year old brother, both in temperament and...

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Harlem Globetrotters Coming to Lake Placid!

I was so excited to hear that the Harlem Globetrotters were coming to town and I found a coupon! I figured I would try to help out someone else! The tour is called The Harlem...

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Hello and welcome

Thank you for joining this community, I'd like to start by introducing ourselves so i will start us of. I'm steph i'm 19 with two children, lily-marie 2 and Alfie phillip 10...

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What do you do???

My son is 32 months and has been potty trained for about 2 months. We used a potty seat on our regular toilet at home. When we are going out we take a potty seat (exactly like...


Potty Training a 3 year old boy

About a year ago I bought my son a potty. At first he really enjoyed trying to be a 'big boy'. His paternal grandmother had him over for a visit one afternoon and he came back...


Nap time issues at 4 mos old?

My daughter is almost 4mos old now and whenever I am home, she will not take a nap for me. If she does, she'll sleep for only 45 minutes at a time. My mom has her when I am...


What do you want to know?

my 7yr old daughter is starting to have seperation anxiety. (She is also my only child) Her father is not in the picture at all and she is very protective of me. We just moved...


Are there any at home jobs that arent scams?

HI Everyone I was womdering are there any at home jobs that arent scams and you actually make some real money, that dont really invole doing sales? Plz help I just want to be...

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what to do with a 9 year old girl

I help a friend and watch her 8 yr son and 9 yr daughter. The girl has this attitude that she can do whatever she wants. One day I found she took off without a notice or...


Stay at home mommy, has no friends

Hi, my name is Mindy and I have 6 children from ages new born to 15 yrs. 2 children are disabled and my husband works but I cannot yet. I don't have transportation to get...