How do I lose weight while nursing?

I really want to get rid of my baby weight, but I am still breastfeeding. Anytime I try cutting back on my food, my milk supply dwindles, so that's not an option. When I just...



any of you moms using nutrimagen, I want to know what you think of it because my daughter is for 3 days on it and I think so far its good reflux are lessor and the pooing is...

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Refusing the breast???

Hi everyone!!! I'm a mother of a close to 4 month old. I've been breastfeeding and bottle (formula) feeding since she was born. The last 2 months its been mainly...



Sara was born Sept.2nd 2007 and she talked early and has always talked good and put words together great but about 6 weeks ago she has started studering bad and 3 day ago she...



my oldest son is 4.5 he just started preschool and is doing very well. He's never really bitten before but now sometimes he gets so mad at his 3 year old brother and he bites...



my name is dee and i have a 22 yr old, 21 yr old and a 4 1/2 yr old. at present im not working so home full time and sometimes need a break! lol but i do love being a mom. im...


potty accidents

my son turned 4 this past february he has been potty trained since oct 08..he had a few accidents here and there after that but not for probably a year now all a sudden this...


Why is my 2 year old daughter very whiny.

I am a full time mom and I am tired of the whining its over every little thing and she isnt usually like this I feel like there is something wrong with her.

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hey moms,i will be going back to week in a few days time,i am so worried about leaving my little princess,she will be just 12 weeks that time,any tips on how to cope?

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how to finish weaning?

What I would like to know is how do you get your child to stop breastfeeding all together? We are down to the night feeding and he uses it to fall asleep each night. He has...


teeth suck!!!!

hey moms, i have 2 kids. i didnt have anyproblems with my first teething. but my son is 11mths and no teeth yet. iv been told its normal( so whatever) but he cant do pain. iv...


loving stepfather

Im a 25 year old mom, and my girl has turn 5 this month, and now Im having a relationship that has help me a lot. I feel happier because he is a respectful person, has a good...

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Looking for double mommy families in Portland, OR

Hi - we are fairly run of the mill as far as families go, aside from the fact that there are two moms. Our daughter is almost two and we adopted her thru an open adoption when...

Started by Sarah on 07/29/2010 in Lesbian Moms

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Birthday Party Ideas

My twins will be 10 on October 5, and we are planning a party for them with a Rock Star theme. I got a Rock Star theme pack with decorations, plates, etc. from Oriental Trading...