Heidi is my March 2007 girl and she is ussually very independent. She ussually wants to do everything for herself like getting dressed a couple of months ago she was able to get...

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Traveling with spectrum kids

I'm just curious about other parents' experiences of vacation trips with Aspergers/Autism kids. We're going to visit my Mom in Tucson in a couple weeks. Last year we did it...


Lets get to know one another!

Hello ladies, Im Stacie, i am 26, i have 3 children of my own, girl of 7, boy of 3 and girl of 1. I also am stepmom to a girl of 13 who now lives with us. Whats your stories? x

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special needs and school

Here in the US it is summer,and my kids are off,but they will be going back soon... I thought it would be helpful to have a group that specifically addresses school issues. (and...



I am a stay at home mom and i have anxiety. My husband says that I need to get out more but it is hard for me to because i like being around people but only for a short amount...


Death of a child

I will never forget the phone call at 3:00 in the morning, having to go to the morgue to ID my daughter. that was the nightmare I have never woke up from. On Oct. 17, 2004, I...


visits 1300 miles away

I recently got taken back to court for visitation with my ex husband for 8 year old daughter. I have to start letting her go to Arizona to visit her daddy. He moved there after...

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mucus plug?

Okay this is my first pregnancy and I can't seem to calm myself down over this. This pregnancy has gone so smooth and perfect after I got over my morning sickness...Then I went...

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Non dairy diet ideas?????

My daughter is allergic to all dairy, except eggs. But she doesn't like eggs. I need ideas for food to give her more variety. Is there a cheese that is non dairy? I can't...


A Vent. :)

Hi. I am new to Circle of Moms. And if I don't reach out I may go crazy. I have been married for 11 years...we have 4 children. Ethan -9, Rileigh-8, Parker 3, Griffin 2......