having trouble with homework

Hi so i need some advice I'm a single mom of two beautiful boys ages 7 and 2 and 27 weeks pregant with number 3. My 7 year old has had a hard time reading and writing but if you...

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how to raise a pagan child...?

Hello i know it may seem like an odd question but i was raised mormon and the only teachings for small children i know are mormon. this is my first child and he only nine months...

Started by Jamie on 10/26/2009 in Pagan Moms

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Success Stories!

This is where we'll be discussing success stories. I don't have one myself yet, but i'm working hard on it! Go ahead and post yours, though! I can't wait to hear them!


My son and my husband can not get along.

I have 2 kids by a previous marriage. I remarried 1 1/2 years ago to a man who my son thought hung the moon. Since the marriage, though, things have really gone down hill. My...



I am concerned that my 4-year-old nephew has asperger's or high-functioning autism. Two years ago (summer 2008), I spoke with my sister about the "red flags" that I was seeing...


My 21 year old daughter hates me

I have a 21 year old daughter who is a junior in college. She is so nasty and smart mouth to me ,I don't know what to do. I am a stay at home mom with another teenage daughter...


Trusting a sitter

I'm going back to school in January. We found a sitter on sittercity.com who looks pretty good. She gave me e-mails for her references, one of whom already wrote back with a...

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8 yr old daughter

Hi I am a mom to a beautiful 8 yr old. She is respectful and mindful of others however we've recently moved to an area where she is able to have a bit more freedom outdoors(apt...

Started by Jeni on 07/24/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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breast-feeding vs. formula

I feel that some people go on about breast-feeding a bit too much! I'm not saying that its a bad thing because even I believe that breast-feeding is the best for the baby and a...



Heidi is my March 2007 girl and she is ussually very independent. She ussually wants to do everything for herself like getting dressed a couple of months ago she was able to get...

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Traveling with spectrum kids

I'm just curious about other parents' experiences of vacation trips with Aspergers/Autism kids. We're going to visit my Mom in Tucson in a couple weeks. Last year we did it...