Backyard composter

Does anyone have experience with using a backyard composter? I have a tumbler and have been just throwing kitchen scraps in with leaves and yard clippings. It seems to be...

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My baby can't nap. When he does, its only for 45 min. He also takes a nap at night- around 6pm. He also doesn't sleep at night. He wakes up 3-4 times. Any suggestions?


A new weight loss system

I'm on a new weight loss system that I love. I've only been on it for about a week but I have so much energy! It covers the four areas you need, nutrition, snacks, energy, and...


Baby weight...Still?????

Ok all you moms out there with babies born in Aug of 2007, I need help losing these last 15 pound left from first pregnancy. I have tried to do everything right i.e. I only...


Giving a 3 YO medicine

My 3 yo absolutely detests medicine. She now has bronchitis and is on antibiotics but needs to be held down to have it given to her. She screams like crazy and I feel like a...

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Just a quick hi...my name is Shannon and my son was born on Oct. 6th 2008. His name is Warren Wesley Irwin II. We just moved to Yuma AZ where my husband is going to be stationed...


My Kids

I have 4 children with one being 8, 5 and a set of twins that are 18 months. I have 3 girls and a boy, and love evry minute of it. My kids are my world to me and of course I...



my oldest son is 4.5 he just started preschool and is doing very well. He's never really bitten before but now sometimes he gets so mad at his 3 year old brother and he bites...



my name is dee and i have a 22 yr old, 21 yr old and a 4 1/2 yr old. at present im not working so home full time and sometimes need a break! lol but i do love being a mom. im...



hey moms,i will be going back to week in a few days time,i am so worried about leaving my little princess,she will be just 12 weeks that time,any tips on how to cope?

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Looking for double mommy families in Portland, OR

Hi - we are fairly run of the mill as far as families go, aside from the fact that there are two moms. Our daughter is almost two and we adopted her thru an open adoption when...

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