Being Human

I don't understand the argument that I hear quite often when it comes to breast feeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing and all organic discussions. When moms say every other mammal...

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needing and wanting a helping hand...

i'm sixteen years old, and found out april 2nd, i was pregnant. i am now currently 11 weeks pregnant. the father and i weren't together when we got pregnant, we aren't now, and...

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Need some advice

Me and my husband have been together for 9 years and married 3years of those nine. Between us we have five children I have three boys one of which is with my husband and he has...

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Birth stories!

My little boy Raven was born after a loooong labor. On September 14, I went to my final doctor's appointment. My doctor said that since the baby was getting so big, that he...



Okay, I'm not going to cover old ground unless anyone asks me to and I've vented a bit about my in-laws so I don't really want to go there again. I recently had to tell the...


foster care

I am interested in becoming a foster parent and was wondering if any of you have been foster parents and have any advice. I have 2 small children and wanted to know what kind of...

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Son with behavioral problems

Brandon is 6 yrs. old in Kindergarten every other day his card gets pulled, he gets an "X" mark, or a letter sent home. I know hes honestly not THAT bad at home.....Ive started...

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my son is currently seeing specialists to see if has autisum, he is delayed with speech etc, the waiting is killing me, does anyone have any tips on how to deal with him as no...


That naughty potty!

Hi Guys, How is the potty training going? My girl has a love hate relationship with it. Sometimes she sits on it and even wipes herself, (yet she has not produced...


Any Ladies with men in prison?

I Know this is pretty much a single mom group but i consider myself a single mom.I have three daughters 9,7 and 2.My Fiancees been in prison for a year now oct 1 and he has 3...

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Hiking in Western Washington State

I live on the Peninsula, are there any places to hike that are safe enough to hike alone? Also, is there anyone that lives out here that wants to hike?

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