Republicans and Christianity

Why does it seem that the conservative republicans are trying to claim Christianity as their own lately? I am not a Christian myself but I do know MANY and a lot of them are...


How do I talk to my mom about my having sex?

A couple months ago my boyfriend and I decided to have sex. It was not a wise decision, I can see it that now. My mom found out and was furious. She demanded that he and I not...

Started by Callista on 06/11/2015 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Co-sleeping with my 5 Week Old

Aloha, I had no intention of co-sleeping (in fact, my 5 week old's basinett is still sitting pretty right next to our bed) However, it just sort of started to happen around...

Started by Mary Renee on 06/10/2010 in Babies And Infants

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asked if my baby was adopted

so i was at the shops with my daughter, and an older lady came over and said how gorgeous she is and she looks like a doll etc which was so lovely and then she said "where is...


11 year old daughter being bullied

any mums that have preeteen daughter s realy could do with some advice ,my daughters friends ar'nt what i would call friends they pull my daughter hair throw her belongings...

Started by Jenny on 04/02/2010 in Kids Over 10

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Ear Piercing

Abryelle is 9 weeks. I have dont alot of research and have not come up with a great answer for this. I want to get her ears pierced. I know that people say let her choose. Well...

Started by Amanda on 07/08/2011 in May 2011 Babies

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Vaccination article

http://healthfreedoms.org/2011/01/03/judge-rules-parent-give-vaccine-to-child-or-face-jail-time This article starts out talking about a judge who apparently ordered a family...

Started by Merry on 07/06/2011 in Hot Topics

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Amazing Breastfeeding I Ran Across...

Imagine if today, scientists discovered a drug that could save 13 per cent of all the babies who currently die. Now imagine that drug also made your baby cleverer -- and...

Started by Jessica on 03/05/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Need advice

My son is 4 months old and i've been thinking about going after the dad for child support, but he is a really big asshole and I don't want to risk the chance of him getting...