Hi Girls We are going on vacation in March and wondering about tips for flying..He will be 8 months. has anyone else travelled with a small baby? I know they wont let me...


Daycare or hire a Nanny??

My husband and I are debating (and we have to decide ASAP) on using a daycare (full time) through my school district I teach in or hiring a nanny part time combined with my...



So I seem to be having a problem. I heard my mil tell my daughter that she and mama were going bye bye, referring to herself. I thought it was kind of weird. So I brushed it...


Learning to talk.

My son just turned 1 in November, he has an older sister that just turned 4 Feb. 19. He only says a few words that are the repetitive ones. Mama, dada, daddy, owie, uh uh. My...

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dead beatfather

hi all my name kirk i resonantly i got engaged to an old class mate we known each other fore 22 years she has a son that is going to be 5 next month ...we ben together fore a...

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Child support arrears

I am the custodial parent of my 3 wonderful children. Their father has walked away from his daughter, age 14, and sees the boys ages 13 and 5 every other weekend from 7:30 pm...

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Best birth control for daughter

Hi just wanted to get some advice, I have a 15 year Old sd who lives with us full time. She has a boyfriend And we are very close. She has said she isn't ready for sex Yet but I...

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he thinks I`M being unreasonable!

okay so.. a bit of back ground info. I have two kids with my ex. ones 6 months and the other is almost two. i kicked him out a year ago because he had a short and violent...

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Anyone have a son or daughter with ADD?

Hi Moms, thanks for letting me pick your brains. My daughter is ten, in 5th grade, and failing three of her six classes. She has terrible trouble getting her homework from home...

Started by Nichole on 01/30/2010 in School-Age Kids

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Torture and our government

Is anyone else as shocked as I am that our president released classified information about our torture techniques that we have used. How stupid can he be. He said that we are...


Homosexual versus Pedophile

I have never started a topic so I'm a little nervous! I heard the other day on the news that a Catholic priest stated that celibacy was not the issue with regards to the...