Republicans and Christianity

Why does it seem that the conservative republicans are trying to claim Christianity as their own lately? I am not a Christian myself but I do know MANY and a lot of them are...


Peanut allergy

My son started kindergarten this year. He has a peanut allergy that is life threatening. His school is not peanut free but they do have a peanut free table. At the beginning...


Daughter won't visit college

My Daughter that will graduate this year has only visited on college. While it's a great school and has offered her her some scholarships it it a private school and will end...



I WANT TO KNOW WHY? are so many mothers that want to be there childrens sister and not the mother that is to rise the chil in the way you have giveing to you in the olden way...

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War on Women

I keep hearing this term being used by candidates for the up coming election... It has been followed by women's rights including but not limited to abortion and equal pay......


Do I have full custody of my son

I am just wondering if I have full custody of my son or do I need to go through court to do so, his biological father has had nothing to do with him ever seen he was born and...


Cost of Raising Kids?

How much do you think it costs to raise a child? Previous estimates have been in the $10,000 to $15,000 per kid per year. The Fraser Institute (in Canada) just came out with...

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Club soccer?

My middle daughter just joined a club soccer team and is loving it so far! They are a new team so they are a bronze ranking, but she has learned so much already! She plays...

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I really enjoyed the cremation discussion. I thought I'd throw out this one, too. Do you think feminism is Biblical? Wikipedia says "Feminism refers to political, cultural,...

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Feeling kind of sad and discourage

So I went to the dentist to get a fill and mentioned that I'm breastfeeding and they said aw you just had a baby and I said yea 4months ago and they gave me an ew look. Then I...

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My 3 year old will not sleep!

Any ideas how to get my 3 year old to sleep,from day 1 my eldest daughter has never been able to sleep, any hints or ideas on how to get her to sleep. or any mums experiencing...

Started by Emma on 01/26/2009 in Moms Under 30

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This is a great way for people to find new and used items such as baby gear, clothes, etc for free. Everything is based on a point system. You earn points by posting your...

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Please help

I'm building a new online community for moms to help build us up in a very special way. Please, if you're a parent, take a moment and sign up to connect with other parents who...

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In search of other moms like me

I am new to this site and can't seem to figure out how to find moms in my area with the same interests and children the same ages as my children. Any info would be great. I am...


Tim DeChristopher

Anybody following this story? In December of 2008, during the final hours of the George W. Bush administration, the Bushies tried to give one final gift to their pals in the...

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