Medical Support Orders

I am a single mother of a 5 year old little girl, the last time her father laid eyes on her was fathers day 2009, after I went off on him. The last time he had her unsupervised...

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Store stirs controversy with I LOVE SEX badge .

The General Pants Company considers it perfectly acceptable to make its staff declare a love for sex, essentially advertising their sexual availability in the blatant three-word...

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I hate my husband ! I don't want to

I hate my husband cause (1) he won't pay rent although he makes enough we have been evicted 4 times since 09 (2) he takes all the money and mid spends it (3) if I make a budget...

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Feelings of isolation

As a very young mother still in college, my husband and I do not have any friends in the same situation as us. It's all fine for him because he works all week and is only home...


baby blue spell tempertantrum

wil cry out load and then you look he is out cold ,bluish face ,nails ,legs this lasts for 1-1 1/2 min some times will have asizure and blank staires ans his leg and arm will...

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advice on children that hit

I have an almopst 4 year old that hits on occation. Began as early as 10 months. It really stikes a nearve in me as I was abused as a child, and I thought (silly me) that kids...


putting baby to sleep in her crib....

My daughter will be 4 months on November 24th.....when did you or are you going to put your baby in his/her crib in their own room? My daughter is getting to the point where she...



Should children be taken away from their parents due to their names?? Geriatrics and Driving, how old is too old, who decides? Do missing minority children get less...

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please help

Ok so yesterday a sheriffs officer came to my door with a court summons and an ad interim to stop me moving next weekend now he has no contact with the two children under 5...

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how many words should a 17 month old say?

my 17 month old isn't talking. he babbles a lot, and has dropped 2 words within the last 2 months. Anyone have a simliar story? Should I be worried? THanks for your input

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Bleeding during pregnancy...

I'm 18 weeks and i've had bleeding on and off since i found out i'm pregnant. sometimes its extremely heavy....a couple of days ago i passed a blood clot. Everytime i go to the...


Overstepping Stepmother

I have been reading past posts on the stepmother boundary thing. I am writing as the birth mother. While I understand a good relationship and allowing my daughter's stepmom to...


How much to charge for babysitting?

Hi I'm a sahm I''ve decided to babysit for other children at my home. I am wondering how much to charge per child. I have no clue what the going rates are these days or how...

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