grandparents from hell!!!!

how do you all cope with grandparents? my partners mother is hard work at the best of times , she doesnt like me and clearly doesnt like me and really if she had a choice would...

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Management vs Union

I work for a company that has a strong union. I understand that unions were started in America back in I think the 20s. Some people feel as if we don't need unions any longer....

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Child pornography?

http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-yearbook-porn-20110617,0,5346367.story Students at Big Bear High School have been ordered to return their 2011 yearbooks after a...

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20 years old and pregnant again!

I'm 20 years old and I'm pregnant again! I just had my first born baby girl in May. She's not even 1 years old yet! I'm very excited, but to be honest I didn't want to get...

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Dental Hygiene

I am having one heck of a time brushing my son't teeth...all 6 of them (not even all fully out yet). It is a huge and distressing conflict every time and I know I am not doing...



My daughter will be 4 in two weeks and I have constantly been trying to teach her colors. When I try to teach her the colors, it seems that she is just trying to memorize which...

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I am trying so hard to be a good mommy and wife but i just cant seem to get it right. I am juggaling church, housework, laundry, baby, husband. But i cant find a balance. My...

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