is my 7 month old behind?

My daughter is 7 months old (in 4 days time) and she can't crawl. She rolls around everywhere from room to room but shows no interest in crawling. She can sit up if I put her...

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My son is constantly in trouble at school

Everyother week im getting a call about my son not following rules and being very disruptive in the class room. He was on med but they weren't helping. so i took him off them...

Started by Lisa on 02/17/2010 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Is 4 too young to diagnose?

My daughter will be 4 in a couple weeks and I really believe she has ADHD. Did anyone just "know" that young? ok another question...If she has the symptoms but can still...


Hello ! ;) I

1/3/2011 My son is 18mo. and has been foppy for a while and...

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hi, what is the earliest you introduced food to your little bundles? as my mother-in-law said when she had children they was on solids at 7wks, where as my mom said it may be...

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Custody Advice

I am a single mom of a one year old. Her father has been out of the picture for nearly a year (his choice). He has never helped out financially, despite child support having...

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Canadian line of Campbell's soup stirs controversy

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/17/AR2010101702840.html?g=0 A Canadian line of Campbell's soups has activists stewing over Islamic connection By...

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Fox Poll from 2006 showed.....

that 51% of Democrats wanted President Bush to fail. Why isn't anyone talking about this when Dems keep flaming Limbaugh for saying that he wanted Obama's policies to fail??


Pray for these Parents

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/02/27/AR2009022701549_pf.html Please read this story, and when you are through, please pray for these parents and for...

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Why does God make bad things?

Recently my daughter has been curious about weather and weather related phenomena. I have always answered her questions truthfully and as fully as I feel she can comprehend at...

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pregnancy bump before and after

What is everyones pregnancy bump before and after, i NEVER had a bump no one knew i was pregnant unless i told them. I didnt gain any weight during i lost it throughout the...