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my healthy version of bruchetta chicken bake

ingredients: *diced tomatoes 1 cup *minced fresh garlic tbsp or so:) * chopped red onion 1/4 cup or so:) * 3 or 4 boneless chicken breast * a little evoo * Italian seasoning (...

Started by Melany on 03/01/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 03/01/2009 by Emily


Cheese Baked Chicken

4 or 5 thin sliced chicken breasts 2 sticks of margarine melted 1 container of grated Parmesan cheese Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a glass casserole dish with non-stick...

Started by Mary on 03/01/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 03/12/2009 by Mary


Baked Chicken Alfredo

This is really easy to make, and a great way to get kids (and some husbands) to eat some really good vegetables. Ingredients: 1 lb (4-6) boneless, skinless chicken breasts 2...

Started by Haley on 06/16/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 05/03/2012 by Margaret


Chicken and Rice Bake

1 (10 3/4 oz.) can cream of chicken soup 1 cup water 1 cup rice 1/4 tsp. paprika 1/4 tsp. pepper 4 skinless boneless chicken breast halves In 2-quart baking dish, mix...

Started by Deanne on 01/27/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 01/27/2009 by User


Quick & Easy Bruschetta Chicken Bake

Bruschetta Chicken Bake Ingredients: 1 1/2 pounds skinless, boneless chicken breast halves, cubed 1 tsp. salt 1 (15oz) can diced tomatoes with juice 1/2 cup water 1 Tbsp minced...

Started by Laura on 09/26/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 09/29/2009 by Chris


Chicken Broccoli Bake

Preheat oven to 350* You will need: 4 Chicken breast halves (boneless and skinless) 3 packages 10 oz. each, frozen broccoli florets or 2lbs. fresh broccoli florets, cooked...

Started by Heidi on 03/11/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 03/11/2009 by Heidi


In need of chicken breast recipes

I buy those big boxes of chicken breast on sale for 20.00, Because i am trying to get my family to eat less ground beef. But all of our favourt recipes are made with ground...

Started by Megan on 03/09/2011 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 09/20/2011 by Adina


Easy meals using chicken breast?

Hello i always buy a big 4 kg box of chicken breast but i'm always stuck trying to figure out what to make thats fast and easy but still yummy and of course kid friendly.

Started by Megan on 07/23/2010 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 08/03/2010 by Desiree


Chicken Breast Recipes

I have a phobia of choking on bones and only cook with chicken breast just wondering if anyone has some different meal ideas for using chicken other then shake and bake and stew??

Started by Rachel on 02/07/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 09/07/2011 by Chris


Quick Easy Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Slice chicken breasts in half and stuff with canned chopped tomatoes (You can buy cans of chopped tomatoes with seasonings too). Place in deep...

Started by Vicki on 04/26/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 04/28/2009 by Christina


Ground Beef and chicken breasts recipes...HELP!!

I am such a horrible cook, I try so hard to make up new recipes! I think if I end up making one more thing that is absolutly discusting my husband is going to kill me!!!...

Started by Mikayl on 03/11/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 03/17/2009 by Caroll


Stuffed Chicken Breasts

x 4 breasts butterflied eezy slice cheese (mozzorella) mushrooms garlic Bacon Tooth pick stuff breasts with all the above except the bacon - wrap bacon around the...

Started by Heidi on 04/29/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 04/29/2009 by Pamela


Cream Cheese-&-Pesto Stuffed Chicken Breasts

2 tablespoons reduced fat cream cheese 1 tablespoon basil pesto Black pepper to taste 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 egg white Half a cup dry breadcrumbs 2...

Started by Katarina on 05/22/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 05/23/2009 by Kelly


Topped chicken breast

preheat oven to 425 Take 6 large chicken breast, skinned, place in foil covered roasting pan. for easy clean up! place diced green peppers on top then place grated mozzarella...

Started by Lorella on 04/06/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 04/07/2009 by Diana


Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breast

(1) medium package boneless skinless chicken breast (1) small block montery jack cheese (1) small frozen package salad shrimps (can use larger shrimp or omit if desired) (1)...

Started by Janine on 03/24/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 03/24/2009 by Shelley


Tropical Chicken Breasts

Chicken Breasts (1 per person) Crushed Pineapple Soy Sauce Worchestershire Sauce Brown Sugar Place rinsed chicken breasts on cookie sheet prepared with non-stick cooking...

Started by Janet on 02/17/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 02/17/2009 by Tara


Parmesan crusted chicken breast

Hi all I'm new to this group. Here is a chicken recipe that my husband and daughter loves!! It's quick and easy too. 1/2 cup mayo 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese 4 boneless...

Started by Shannon on 07/07/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 07/12/2009 by Kim


EASY freeze and bake later ideas needed!

I am looking for some easy meals to make for a co-worker who is recently diagnosed with cancer. Everyone at my work is pitching in and helping with meals for her...just need a...

Started by Jessica on 11/19/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 12/03/2009 by Josephine

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