Hello, I've just had a Tubal Ligation two weeks ago. I kind of made the decision quickly and I'm not sure it was the right one, but it's done. I've also read a bit about some...

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booking in for pre-school

my baby is 5 months old and i have been told that i need to book her into pre-school now or we will miss out on a spot for her, can any mums who have done the pre-school thing...


New here

Hi my name is Elizabeth or Liz. I'm 26 with two children. My oldest is Kirsten Elizabeth is two. She was born on December 14th. My second is Kaleb Daniel and he is 4 months. He...



A mother has pleaded not guilty to child neglect after US prosecutors alleged she was drunk while breastfeeding her six-week-old baby ! I am a other of 4 and i have breastfed...


Breast pumps

I was wondering if the more expensive pumps work better? With my first child I bought a pump for about 50.00 I also had a hand pump I got for free, but I know that the electric...


"New Causes of Autism" article

http://www.philly.com/inquirer/local/pa/20100521_Research_points_to_new_causes_of_autism.html#axzz0oXuTacoT How many have been older mothers, used fertility drugs, had invitro,...



im 19 i work & go to skool(nursing) but i feel that im over working myself just because i dont want to be a failure or have ppl think negative about me(tellin me i told u it was...


My son still won't talk.

My son will be 2 yrs old in Jan. He REFUSES to talk. (he's said MAMA DADA up supper yucky grandma "i did that" and blue) but when you ask him to say something he just screams...

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Were your twins premature?

I'm not talking 2 weeks early, I'm talking 35 weeks gestation or less. This is my story: My twins were born at 30 weeks, and spent 8 1/2 weeks in the NICU in another city an...

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Do I help or butt out?

My sons friend had a fallen out with his parents....he came over and ended up staying with us for 5 weeks,during which time he said that he was texting his parents. On the 5th...


9 hour flight with a 7 month old.

I recently had a family emergency and have to fly 9 hours with my almost 7 month old son. I am so worried about how to entertain him! He is such an active little guy! Anyone...

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