Newbie w/6yr old son w/ADD

Hi, I'm Caran. I have two boys, Bryce and Cam. Bryce was diagnosed with ADD last year, in kindergarten. We had suspected that he had ADD since he was a little boy, like 2, but...


Bad eaters

My two girls ages 4 and 2 are not so good at eating their food. I can usually get my 4 year old to eat her food. It takes her a while. My two year old however, I have a heck...


8 month old not sleeping through night

I need some suggestions on getting my baby to sleep at night. She has been waking up every 3-4 hours at night for several months now. She started to sleep at least 8-10 hours...


homeschooling vs e-schooling

hi all. i use a govermently funded program called connections academy. and they have a fourm for tips and such and a woman who will remain nameless.. posted this about the...


Traveling w/twins?

Our family is taking a cruise w/our twins in 2 weeks. My twin girls still sleep in their cribs & are not potty trained yet. I am starting to get worried about how I am going...

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Four kids and new army wife

My husband and I got married just this past September, I had four kids when we entered the marriage, none of which are my husbands. I know typical story that that you hear, but...


Handfull twin 1 year olds a mess during sacrament

I need help. I have twin one year old boys (only kids so far) and they are SUCH a handful during sacrament. I have tried books, food, toys, etc. I just feel like they need MORE...

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What can I do for a bossy child?

My son who happens to be 3 is...for lack of better words, a butt. He's very bossy towards his younger brother who's about to be 2. I have tried many things to get him to not be...

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For those of you who are single mothers, how is your relationship with the baby daddy that are single or married? Any luck with having a mutual relationship instead of a war??...

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Worn out, need advice to get more energy

I have two children, Liam 27months and Kieran 11wks. I am 24 and find that I have no energy to deal with everything. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to just have more...

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Were any of you homeschooled?

I've already decided that I want to home school my children. Although I only have one right now and she is only 10 months I've been thinking a lot about it lately. I was just...


New to homeschooling!!!

hi everyone, i have only recently started homeschooling 7 of my children after having removed 5 of them from the state school system!! 6weeks in and i am finding that things...


Abortion surviver..Amazing story!

Gianna Jessen's Biography... www.giannajessen.com Gianna Jessen does not quit. Giving up is not an option to her. Gianna has what she refers to as the "gift" of Cerebral Palsy....

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Lesson 5: Temper Tantrums

Note: I wrote this article while on massive amounts of cold medication and I'm pretty sure I have some sort of deadly cholera so I can't really be held responsible for anything...