chores and fun times

I am in the process of forming a "promise voucher book" for our local schools Mothers Day stall. I did the same last year with things like "I promise to eat all my vegies at...

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I need ways to punish my son

My son has a habit of lying, it small lies but it worries me. He wil do anything to protect himself nd that why he lies. Nw my problem is all he ever does is read nd write. He...

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i need ideas for simple take-along toys

i have a 21 month old extremely active son. We go alot of places, and some places aren't so child friendly or don't have alot of his age appropriate toys (like his grandmother's...

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Bullying accepted by schools!?

I have a question that I am hoping some Mom will be able to help me with. My 13 year old has been bullied relentlessly. She even attempted to kill herself because the bullying...


My 2.7 yrs son doesnot speak much

My Son is 2.7 yrs. He speak some workds like mamma, papa, nani, nanu, dadi, chacha, but he doesnot speak even a single sentence. I try him to speak by saying words again and...

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Sensory Integration Disorder

My daughter will be 4 in February. She started preschool this year and loves it... I had my very 1st parent teacher meeting and her teachers think she may have Sensory...


Comment me please!!!

If anyone knows stepparenting it is not easy nor is it ever over. I am a step mom to 3 daughters ages 17 15 and almost 13. We fought for custody a couple years back and we...

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At wits end!!!!!

Hi. I'm just wondering if there are any other moms out there who have a child with a disability and a teenager that can't seem to deal with it? I really don't know what to do....