Getting ready for kindergarten! Any advice??

Hello! My son will be starting kindergarten next week. I am so nervous & even scared! I don't want him to be afraid. He went to pre-k but really didn't like it. I want...

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My 6 yr old Child is having Problems in school. She just doesn't want to do her work. She knows how to do it, just doesn't want to, I have had many meeting with her teacher...


what do i do

i have a 4 year old son and he has speech problems...he is in pre k with speech therapy....but i guess my question is how do i not stress out over not being able to understand...


I have No Idea

I would love tips on how to cope with the cost of living and providing for a tott

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siters and fighting.

I have 3 girls ages 7, 4 and 6months. My 7 and 4 year old are always fighting with each other about everything. They fight over cloths, toys,and just about everything you could...


Sleeping in their own beds

I have 2 year old twins I am trying to keep in bed, and it doesn't matter if they are sick or not, by 4am they are in bed with us. One of them has learned to open doors, so she...


Hello to all

Hello im a married fulltime stay at home mum of 3 including a child with autism.Are their any other mums who would be interested in chatting with me.i hail from innisfail nth qld!!

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How do you bond with your son?

I have a little boy turning 9 this year. Most days I feel like a bad mother. I don't know how to bond with my son. I love him very much and I try to spend as much time with him...

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My son is taking the S.A.T this weekend and he just won't prepare. I really try not to push him because it is his choice to go to school with his sister next year, but I'm...


potty training at 17 months

My daughter is starting to show interest in potty training. she's 17 months old now and loves sitting on the "big girl potty" (our toilet). I have a potty seat on it and she...


Bedtime Routine

Delete Are you sure? Yes | No Asked by You (12:10 pm) (no moms have helped yet) I have a six year old who I struggle to put to bed every night. She is my first and I never...

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Please help!

I gave birth to my first son last May. I suffer from postnatal depression ( not as bad now as I was). The reason I need your help is because I just found out that Iam pregnant...

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Crawling Out of Crib...Toddler bed

Anyone have guidance on how to get an active 23 month old to transition to a toddler bed? My son crawled out of his crib during nap time yesterday and did it a few times, then...

Started by Patti on 04/18/2009 in May 2007 Babies

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