Non-Visting Christmas

This year, my husband, daughter and I are doing Christmas at home just by ourselves. We don't plan on visiting any family on the day, we really want to give our daughter a...

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why are all men the same????

hello everyone, sorry to moan and whinge but if i don't get it off my chest I could well break down and leave my partner. I was just wondering how men can just be so selfish, is...

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50/50 custody of a 3 month old

i have a daughter who is 3 months old. the father and i broke up and i want to agree to joint and he wants to do 50/50. i heard that when a baby is that young bottle fed or...

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Gluten Free Recipes

I have heard there is a connection to gluten free diets and ADHD. Does anyone have recipes they can send me? It's something I would like to try, I'll try anything at this point...


I just left Mckinzie dad

I left about two months ago and every one tells me its the best thing I ever did for me and Mckinzie but it hurts I still love him and dont want to think about her growing up...

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Guilty, Secret Feelings

So this is the place to be totally honest, right? Do any of you ever find yourselves secretly wishing your stepchild didn't exist? I feel so guilty for thinking that sometimes...


HELP!!! single mother suffering financially

My name is Kayla and im 20 years old. I have a 17 month old and im a single mother. I work retail but my paychecks and hours change weekly. I am struggling with bills and to...

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What was your school like, education wise?

How many schools did you attend growing up? What country were they in? Did you face any educational problems? How? Why? What did you do to overcome those problems?

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Diary of an Angry Pregnant Woman

oh my gosh....its like I'm either angry, numb or crying, (16 weeks pregnant) and you guys...Im a fighter. I never in my life felt so angry as to knock the piss out of him until...

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How to deal?!

Hey ladies, I'm new to the website and am horrible with blogs etc! Anyways I'm posting on here today because I've found myself in a situation that is starting to make me...