How can i deal with a disrespecful teacher Aid

My son is 7yrs old. several times he came home very sad because the way his teacher's aid talks to him. First, he told me that one day he forgot his snack at home, and because...

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He wants a baby but not marriage

I'm extremely happy with my boyfriend/best friend. I have a 6 yr old son from a previous relationship even though I went about having him the wrong way, out of wedlock. Next...


Introduce Yourself Here!

Welcome to Mom of Teenage Girls! Please introduce yourself here or in a post. Feel free to answer these questions (you may copy and paste if you like): 1. What's your name?...


choosing daycare can be scary

What are some of your thoughts about finding quality daycare? Its so scary now a days with the kind of people in the world. I know I was a licensed care provider I MI for 11...

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Counseling for Child in Divorce

Hi all, another question! Back story is that my boyfriend and his wife are getting divorced and they have a 6 yr old son together. I believe that the custody schedule and...


difficult 18 year old child

I have an 18 year old boy who just graduated and just started working, I thought. Apparently he had been lie in to us. He also left with his friend for 2 nights but did not...


8 yro growing pains

Hello I have a 8 yro daughter and she complains About sore legs . Is it normal for children to have sore legs a lot .? A friend of mine said children get growing pains .does...

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Babies 1st Birthday in Heaven

Hello everyone! I was after some ideas of things to do for my Daughters first birthday. Angel would of been 1 on 17/07/16 she was born sleeping at 27 weeks and the past year has...


Nervous to leave baby , help please

Hi.. I recently had my precious daughter Raeleigh on ,October 3rd of this year. Im super nervous to leave her with anyone. Its gotten to the point where I'll take her with me to...


been m.i.a----sons first ghost

Havent been on here for awhile. Been so busy with work and a sick infant that hasnt gotten better in a few months. Anyways, so my older son, my five year old either has a...

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Learning to be a stepmom at 21

I'm 21 and have no children of my own but I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend who has an 8 year old daughter. I'm currently living with him and his daughter. I've become...


Share your story

Talking about things always helps so this is my story. At 23 I unexpectedly fell pregnant. It was a shock but we were over the moon. My cousin & 2 friends were also expecting &...