Baby Shower Etiquette...

Can someone please tell me what is the Baby Shower Etiquette no a days. When I had my eldest 2 children 15 and 13 years ago the rule was at the time you only had a baby shower...

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Car safety

Hi I am new to this community. I have come on here because my husband and I are at an impass and we need outside perspective. I can't tell any of our friends who know us so I...

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Cupcake Queen

Children's Birthday Cakes....they can be the source of great despair, wonderful pride, parental envy and many more emotions. I recently had dinner with a male friend who had...


How to compromise?

So I've been rather broody lately and started talking a lot to my partner about another baby, adding to our now 20 months old. He is reluctant, mainly because our daughter is a...


Birth Stories...xxx

I was just wondering how everybody's labor went if you want to share??? Here's my birth story: Things were not exactly going to plan when two weeks before my due date my...


Do you know some of YOUR identity?

Before you became a wife or partner, and before you became a mother: What was your favourite colour? music? thing to do? I was asked this question about 4yrs ago, and what a...


Uneven play date

My daughter is very smart she is 16 months says about 100 words,knows yellow and blue, trying to count and sing ABC's, imagines at play time with her toys and our friend at play...


Autism and Death

My oldest, Josh, is autistic (he's 10). He used to be on the severe end of the spectrum, and has somehow really improved. A lot of it is due to sentence memorization,...


New to the Island - Cumberland

Hello ladies! :) I am a 30's something mom of two (2-girl and 4-boy). We moved to Cumberland this summer and thus far LOVING this beautiful island. Being born and raised in AB,...


I don't what to do!!!!

I am a stay at home mother of 3.2 children. The .2 are stepchildren that come over once in a while. I just recently found out my husband is what I call "online cheating." He...

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I just thought I would take a moment and introduce myself. I have a 15yr old son who is an Aspie. He is in 10th grade and doing ..... well you know how it can be, someday's...


Husband Works Long Hours, Need Help Coping

Hey! I'm a stay at home mom of a wonderful 3 month old daughter. Aside from the teething, my husband and I have been pretty blessed with a good little girl. The only problem...

Started by Sarah on 01/06/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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