Please Help

Hello everyone, i am new to the group and just need someone to talk to, My son who is 2 and also diabetic has been having all the symptoms of CF, we go in tomorrow for his sweat...


Hi all, I am the mummy to a NOV 2002 baby

Hi all, my name is Kelly and I am the proud mummy of Elizabeth, she was born 5th November 2002 in NY. Elizabeth has brought so much joy to us and I couldnt imagine being without...



Hey friends, my soon to be 6 year old daughter is lately very worried about me dying... She really has me on this one as I don't know how to answer her questions. I am a...

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Montessori Education

My daughter was diagnosed ADHD at 5 and is now almost 8. She attends a Montessori School. Her doctor doesn't think this is a good idea but her teachers have been really...


2yr old tantrums

It is a nightmare to go into a store with my son he doesn't like to get into the shopping cart he screams even if I distracted him with a snack. Very frustrating...Anyone out...


I can't stand her

so I just need to vent and maybe get some advice on how to deal with her. The her is my sister-in-law. THE STORY: about amonth ago she asked if she could take my daughter to the...


my bf daughter is being a brat at12YRs old

she has decided not to have anything to do her dad his son came to live w/ us and she stayed w her mom she asked her dad why he doesnt have anything to do with her and he would...

Started by Shawn on 02/21/2010 in Step Moms

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get kids to read during summer

During the school year I had a rule that my children (son, almost 11; daughter 9) had to read every day for 20 minutes. They were allowed 20 min. of "screen time" too (computer...


Snow Skiing- What age?

What's the youngest age you've taken a child snow skiing? How did it go? Recommended age? Any advice? My children are 3.5yrs and 19 months and we're going on a ski trip in a...

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Pregnant.. Again..

Hello All, I just took a home pregnancy test and to my surprise there were two lines. We were not expecting to get pregnant again. Actually, we were done! We already have a...


Telling son about dad's affair

We've been divorced a few months, ex d moved out in February. We have a 7-year old son. Ex had an affair with co-worker, which lead to divorce. Just last weekend, during...

Started by Andrea on 06/24/2013 in Divorced Moms

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