step kids that don't listen

I have two boys11 and 8 from other relationships and I got married feb 2008 and ever since my boys don't want to listen to their step dad for anything, they think since he is...



My 9 yr old has adhd and is on several meds and my family is pushing me to get her off the meds and her doctor doesnt think it is the right think to do! And no matter what I do...


It's a boy!

Hi, I'm so excited right now i could jump up and down! We went for my 30 week scan and found out it's a boy! Yay! This is number three and we have two girls. So we were...

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I cant seem to get my 21/2 yr old son to eat dinner. he has always been a good eater but lately has gone really fussy and wont eat dinner. He has afternoon tea, but I dont let...


weaning for school-not working!!

I took a year leave of absence for my baby, and am going back to school this august. I've been mostly breast feeding but now he will not take a bottle! after many tears and...

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Wow..are we still here? There's been no activity for so long. We've had a really crazy week around here, and this morning it finally dawned on me that tomorrow is Midsummer....

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independent playing

My son is 20 months old.. how can i get him to play more independently? He has a playroom and plenty of toys, but mostly will only play if I am right there with him. I love to...

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my son is nearlly 3 and is still showing no interest in using his potty, he wont even sit on it with his nappy off im not quite sure what to do... any ideas ?


Birthday Parties

Just curious what everyone is planning for their little ones' 4th birthday. We are having a nice big backyard barbecue with all his friends. We have a pool and toys for them to...

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Kids who think they are the parent...

My son (oldest of three kids) behaves as though he is the mother - even towards me and his father but mostly towards his sister (who is three), he is bossy and gets very angry...


I have three kids n my middle girl is horrible.

She acts like she is only looking for negative attention and not good attention. I dont knwo what to do with her. I work at the local school system from Headstart up and I have...

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Expecting again

So i just found out were pregnant again i have a 13month old and im feeling nervous,excited and scared, So bascially i just wanted to know how other mums coped with a 22month...


Germs, Viruses, & Baby

Oh, NO!! I think I'm getting a major cold or even worst. . . the Flu! I get it every fall/winter expect when i was pregnant. Unfortunatly, my partner and I do not live in the...

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Questons to daycare providers

I would just like some information on where to start first and how long its going to take to get started? I would really love to stay @ home w/ my daughter (7 months) and do...