1st grade 504 plan meeting

In a few hours i have the first meeting for my daughters 504 plan. She is in 1st grade and has ADHD. The meds are working well, i have made the decision to go ahead and get a...


12 year old daughter and BOYS

Hello, I have a 12 year old daughter. She is a very pretty cheerleader and tumbler. Because she is so athletic she has developed pretty quickly. She started noticing the...

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Still Upset

My Annastasia's Birthday was January 7th. I am still upset because every other year I got phone call from friends and family just to c how we were holding up... but not this...


I feel old

Since I had my wonderful son, I have lost tons of energy, many said it would come back he is almost a yr how long does it take? I also lost friends, has anyone else experienced...

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BM doesn't take SD's education seriosly.

BM wouldn't let us enroll SD in school claiming that she needs to be fully evaluated before we decide on preschool or kindergarten, then we were told that a school shouldn't be...

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My daughter is a great student and we are so proud of her. She is 15 and she is a very good girl. She felt depressed for about one year because she couldn't find friends with...


What can I do?

I have a 7 year old with severe cerbal palsy and he can't really go to school so we have them come to the house. He has a OT and PT once a week for an hour and a speech therpist...



Hi All A new piece titled ‘BULLY ' has just been posted on Inspired Parenting. www.inspiredparenting.co.za Comment on this on the forum . Please forward this email...

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A Good School

My son has SOD and has been attending the district public school that was recommended by early intervention when he was 3 yrs old. My son is now 4 yrs old and started his second...


"Please Don't Label My Child"

No meds this year and after changing teacher's halfway through the school year and pseudo-homeschooling with supplemental lessons, my child is making improvement. I recently...


Have you spent the night away from your little one yet?

I'm curious as to if you have left your child(ren) for the night and if so, how old was he/she? My daughter is 7 months old and i have not left her yet. We co-sleep, exclusively...

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Daycare trouble

My almost 3 year old has been looked after by my mother in law since he was 6 months old. He has been in daycare now for the last two weeks but acts up each morning. He did it...