my fiance and i are TTC, we have one beautiful little boy who is turning 7 1/2 months old the weekend of april 9th, we want another baby, we want our kids to be as close in age...

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How to concieve a boy?

I know it's a bit silly to ask, But my husband really really wants a son. We have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy daughter who is the light of our life. She will be 9...

Started by Sherry on 07/25/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Boy or Girl?

I thought it would be fun to put our prediction of what we are all having then see who was right when you find out. Or if you are hoping for one or the other.


Boy or Girl Old Wives tales

Okay Ladies I am pregnant with number 4 and I have 3 boys so I am wondering if you guys know some of the old wives tales... Morning sickness - Girl which I know isn't accurate...

Started by Brianna on 04/25/2010 in Expecting

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Another Reason Breast is Best!

Infant Formula Contains: MSG Free aspartic acid BPA Fluorosis DHA/ARA Hexane Mercury Melamine Cyanuric acid Formaldehyde Antinutrients/soy Bacteria Patent info on DHA and its...

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I want a boy so bad

we have a high history of girls on both sides of the family. My mother particularly could not have boys. Basically the doc. told her she had too many male hormones to carry a...

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9 weeks Pregnant.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any fun old wives tales to find out the gender of the baby early. I'm really excited and I can't wait until the ultrasound at 3/4 months to...


what are you having?

im due to have my ultrasound on the 29th of April and I am going to fund out what im having. Who has found out and what are you having? ive done all these urban myths (lol i...


Do u believe??????

Im due Nov 27 so i wont find out what im having till the end of june. i just cant wait!!!! my baby has a heart rate of 170 and i heard and old myth that if its over 145 its a...


Havin a Seond child, how to have a girl

Hi everyone. I have a beautiful baby Boy kai who is 9months. Me and my partner want another child, just when to start is the question. What's everyones opinon on this. And also...

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Hi!! I know everyone is right around the time when they figure out what gender their baby is (or not), so just thought I would ask what everyone thinks they are having?!?!? At...

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any tips to have a girl?

hi ladies, my husband and i have started trying for our second baby - yay, so excited!! we have a little boy already who is 2, and would love to have a little girl - obviously...

Started by Sandie on 07/14/2011 in Toddlers

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