not ready for overnight stays.

I have a 4 month old son and my partners mum is nagging for him to stay overnight, i dont think he is too young but i do have a few issues that im not sure if im being silly...

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Let him sleep on his tummy?

My 15 week old son falls asleep on his tummy with my husband or I... when we try to lay him down in bed on his back he startles awake and cries until he is picked up again on...



I'm just curious, is there any reason (such as opinion, morals, values, religion, etc.) that you would end a friendship?

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why so fussy?

My 7 week old baby boy cries so much I pick him up he cries I lay him down he cries I feed him more he still cries I rocked him he still cries what can be wrong him first time...


Is there such a thing as 'Too Big'?

"Is my baby too big?" I frequently hear gasps of fear from pregnant women when they hear of someone birthing a baby of 4kg/8lb 12oz (and automatic leg crossing!). It seems women...

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Smacking is 'good' for kids??

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/6926823/Smacked-children-more-successful-later-in-life-study-finds.html What do you think?? My worry is that some parents will now...

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Shower Time

I have 2 step children g/b 7/5 respectively. Boy showers with dad, Girl asked to shower with me. I grew up in a house with mom and dad and there was nothing taboo about...

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Tattoos or Bodypiercings... do you have any?

I ordered our Halloween costumes and I was really excited to get mine... It's a black dress with bell sleeves and a plunging neckline... a lil' sexy and totally perfect for a...

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im wondering if the people in this group, can share their stories about hydrocephalus. Where i live i feel as if iam the only on going thru this. Although you i knew meny...


Which religion??

Hi Ladies, I have a few questions about religion, I am personally an Atheist however I appreciate that most of the population does follow a religion and I am intrigued as to how...


Mild cerebral palsy

Hi my youngest twin who is almost 10 months old seen his peadatrician last week and he said he believes he has mild cerebral palsy after every thing i have read on the subject I...