What Kind of Child Were YOU?

What were you like as a child? As a teen? How much 'grief ' did you put your parents through, if any? What did you do that REALLY made them angry? How did they handle it?...

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I'm just curious, is there any reason (such as opinion, morals, values, religion, etc.) that you would end a friendship?

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Fell down the stairs

I recently fell down the stairs with my son in my arms. He suffered a skull fracture and we are all devastated. I can't stop replaying the moment in my mind and I constantly...

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He's 19 and knows EVERYTHING

Hi Moms, I'm glad to see that not all parenting forums out there are for new mothers. Although my son is 19 years old, I am a new mom to a 19 year old. And let me tell you:...

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Traumatic birth.....

Hi i had what i felt was a very traumatic birth. My twins are nine months old now and i still wake up feeling like crying about it and i have a lot of trouble talking about it...

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Mild cerebral palsy

Hi my youngest twin who is almost 10 months old seen his peadatrician last week and he said he believes he has mild cerebral palsy after every thing i have read on the subject I...


Shower Time

I have 2 step children g/b 7/5 respectively. Boy showers with dad, Girl asked to shower with me. I grew up in a house with mom and dad and there was nothing taboo about...

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My name is Melissa and I am new to this community. My son Zeke is 5 yrs. old & has been diagnosed developmental delay. He has recieved services for the last 3 yrs (speech,...

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I just need to vent...

I don't know what has happened but my life has gone to crap for the last two weeks. We'll start with last Monday. I got up it seemed to be a normal day. Then I heard our fridge...

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