YAZ birth control

I recently just started on the birth control YAZ today. I was kind of iffy about taking it because i have heard some stories about how it gives you head aches and weight gain......

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Yaz Birth Control

Just wondering if anyone has tried/is on Yaz birth control. I'm currently on Ortho-cyclen, but I've been having some issues with it. My doctor suggested I try Yaz. I did some...

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yaz and missed period

I finished my last pill on yaz yesterday and still no period. Should I start the new pack today? Do I need to call my doctor? My boyfriend and I dont use a backup method.

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period/yaz question

This is my 2nd month on the birth control yaz. Last month my period came 4 days late after I had already started my new pack of pills.. This month it come 3 days early while I'm...


Has anyone tried Yaz?

Hi, I am thinking about trying the new birth control pill Yaz and wondered if anyone else has tried it. What was it like did you have any side effects? I tried Mirena and gained...


On the pill and preg trick.

When a woman say they were on the pill and still got preg, I find that hard to believe. Most women that were on the pill and got preg. didn't tell the father they forgot to take...

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What birth control do you use?

After I had Aubrey I had decided to get Mirena put in. Since then I have been having a lot of headaches and some back cramping. Then I looked online and a lot of other women...


Help with birth control

I am currently taking the pill Apri, but have horrible mood swings. I would rather not be on the pill but I also don't want to have another baby for a 1 1/2 years. I tried the...


Not able to take birth control?

I can’t take any form of birth control, even the ones that release the smallest amount. They all make me constantly bleed & I’m anemic which the constant bleeding makes it...