What do you ALWAYS carry in your handbag?

Once she was born..I changed all my handbags..she changed all of mine, in fact!! My trendy purses were packed for sometime use in the closet replaced by handbags and with time...

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huugies jean diapers

Hey moms how do yall feel about those new diapers from huggies... i think they are cute but my hubby doesnt want no parts of them for our son... he says they look like pum pum...


Pierce ears and paint nails?

My daughter is 3 months old and my friend wants to pierce my daughers ears and paint her nails. I think 3 months is to young maybe when she is 3 years old or older. What do you...

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How do you get a 3and a half year old boy more interested in using the toilet? He has several people in the family trying to help, but he just does not want to much.


Big Bad World?

In your opinion are parents more paranoid/over-protective than they were ten years ago? Is that paranoia/over-protectiveness justified?

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13 Year Old Son Wearing My Panties...Again

I woke my son up & told him to go to bed last night and noticed he was wearing a pair of my lace panties. A few weeks ago I found a few pair in his drawer & thought...

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Food bans

There have been a few articles i've read recently about peanut/nut bans in schools. First, a Chatelaine article where the author whines about not being able to send her son to...

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Christmas Tree

We are going to be putting up our christmas tree next week. However with a 16 month old that gets into everything we are expecting disaster. Does anyone have some clever ideas...

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Tattooed Barbie

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2050491/Tattooed-Barbie-What-message-does-send-young-fans.html This collector's edition Barbie doll has pink hair and tattoos. Even...


Eczema Problems

My Daughter got a little patch of eczema on her neck when she was about 4 months old. We took her to to dermatologist at 7 months, who gave us a prescription for it because it...


Punishments that wouldn't fly now...

The Dad Shoots Teens Laptop post got me thinking about this. My sisters, cousins and I always end up on the topic of "Yeah, well, when I was a kid I had to..." and continue to...

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My daughter is overweight, please help

I have a daughter that is 7 years old, she has Karate classes 3 days a week, she rides her bike and plays on the trampoline. The visit to the Dr's today got me a bit concerned...