How the mentally ill are treated

I know this article is from 4 years ago, but it shocked me. I thought we were over this crap. Since there isn't enough to be horrified about these days, read this St. Louis...

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Boys and Books

The statistics are consistent: Young male readers lag behind their female counterparts in literacy skills. This article looks at the social, psychological, and developmental...


cannot handle it anymore

helpppppppppppp plzzzzzzz . i need advice coz my life is a terrible nightmare , i have a twin boys they are 21 months old . they are super duper active , at home it is not a big...

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Color blind and gifted

My son was diagnosed as having color deficient vision in kindergarten. There are many levels of color blindness, and he has profound red-green deficiency. That was 3 years ago,...



My son is almost 2 1/2 and I am having the hardest time getting him to eat veggies and meats. I have tried hiding the food but he almost always catches on. Anyone have advice?

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Please help me...I'm struggling!!!

Does anyone else struggle with their husband's ex wife? My husband has two kids with her, I had two kids from a previous relationship & now we have a son together. They all live...

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How is childcare portrayed in other parts of the worls? Family groups here have recently said that its not good for childrens development, meanwhile the governemnt wants...


how does everybody handle Christmas/Yule?

In my home we do a lot of the secular christmas stuff 'cause I just love it all so much. My birthday is also December 25th so my (now ex)husband decided that we would do...

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Slow Talker

My daughter is 21 months old. She's a bit behind in talking, and everything i've tried to boost her speech isn't working. I've tried reading, and pointing things out with...


Baby sleep help!!!

At 3 - 5 Months Kylee was sleeping from 10p - 10a. Now starting about December she is the worst sleeper ever! We still put her down at 10 after her bath & about 8oz. She...

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So I keep having supply issues, and I think I an going to have to at least supplement my almost 5 month old with formula. I'm very worried though as the last time I tried giving...

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help me

how do i keep my house clean

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My baby signs ...

but doesn't talk much. I don't want to stop signing to him but I want him to start talking more. What should I do?? Has anyone else dealt with this??