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Southwest Chicken Soup - Low Fat Recipe

I wish I could take total credit for this delicious soup, but our friends gave us their version and we made it our own. Southwest Chicken Soup: Chicken Breasts (left over...

Started by Joan on 11/23/2008 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 11/23/2008 by Lydia


One of my favorite meals ideas

I take a whole chicken which is like 7dollars the most. Throw it in the crock pot stuffed w/ chopped onion and celery top it with baby carrots and cook it. We then have a...

Started by Jennifer on 01/07/2009 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 01/07/2009 by Hanna


slow cooker recipes for fussy kids

hi, ive got 2 very fussy eaters so have just brought a slow cooker to start making them healthy meals, hiding veg and so forth.......any body with any slow cooker recipes that...

Started by Kelly on 03/14/2010 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 03/15/2010 by Kelly


Sick days? I wish; so what do you do?

As SAHM we don't get sick days. Well welcome to flu & cold season... My husband was sick last week and I refused to care for him. My reason is no one stays home to care for me...

Started by Tasha on 01/10/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 01/11/2012 by Medic


Homework drama

My first grader has homework every Monday - Thursday night. It's 1 spelling exercise, 1 sheet of math review, and 1 book to read. I make her do her homework every night as...


pork recipes

We bought a whole pig and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good ham, sausage ect any pork recipes. Slow cooker or not I just really need to start working away the meat....

Started by Shanon on 06/18/2010 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 06/29/2010 by Tami


Daily routine?

I am a stay home mom with two boys 2 yr. old and 6 wks old.. I like to be organized and have a daily routine, meal planning set up someday. I'm lost. I don't know where to...

Started by User on 03/20/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 03/22/2012 by Jennifer


marriage falling apart

my husband and I are having a seriously hard time getting along lately. i am staying home with the baby and he works, but he thinks I don't do anything around the house. he says...


rules of marriage???

I was wondering, how many of us have a clear understanding of what is expected in our marriages? do we make our expectations known to our spouses? do we sit down and talk...


any night shift workers out there?

Hi, I work full time night shift and really struggle to cope with work, family, housework chores etc. I need to work nightshift to work in with childcare as my husband also...

Started by Marion on 06/21/2009 in Working Moms

Last update on 07/07/2009 by Carol


Kids are NOT expensive!

An acquaintance of my husband never misses a chance to tell him that it cost $1 Million to raise a kid. What a bunch of crap!! I found this "study" on the internet and read...


Need quick supper ideas

I need quick supper ideas I can make before going to work . I'm on a swing shift and have three kids. It would also be great if I could take it to work to for my lunch. Any ideas?

Started by Kelly on 02/17/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 02/17/2009 by Courtney


Any single parent Nursin Students out there?

I'm about to go into nursing school next semester, and although my grades have been good in the past, I'm a recent single mother of 3 under the ages of 7, and a little stressed...

Started by Amanda on 11/29/2009 in Student Moms

Last update on 12/10/2009 by Brooke

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