I feel like the world's worst mom...

First and foremost, I do not want ANYONE passing judgement or insulting me, as this is already extremely difficult to deal with and I am using CoM as a way to reach out and see...


need prayer/feeling overwhelmed

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Stilwell. I am a stay-at-home mom of 3 very young very active boys. Carter is 4, Owen is 2, and Gage turns 1 this month. My husband is in the...

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Hello everyone, I am really in need of some real advise, Just a brief overview of what I am going thru right now... I have 6 children. I am not receiving any support from my...


Irritated with step child

We have four children between the two of us. I have one daughter - age 6; he has two daughters 6 and 12; and we have a new son 9 weeks. We try to always give each child their...


Mother In Laws!

Ok ladies I looove my mother in law, but she is a grade a certifiable nut lol. I love all the threads on here about crazy mother in laws, but its been awhile. So come on ladies...


Not visiting

My ex husband works in a different state. He works a week and then is back here a week. During the summer he is supposed to have our son 5 weeks. We always have been pretty good...


staying at home

I would love some advice from any sahms or previous sahms. I just have so much trouble balancing my time, cleaning, cooking, organizing, playing w/my kids, resting. I am at...

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Should i obey my husband ?

Hi everyone, Recently my mom who lives in another country received a few picsof my baby by email that my hubby had sent her. Her reply was" thank you for sharing and she said...

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