toddler nursing

My daughter is 19 months old, and is still breast feeding 6-8 times a day, plus 2-4 times at night. She is small for her age, and is a very picky eater, and refuses to drink...

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Anyone have tips for disciplining toddlers?

My 19month old daughter, Micha, has been getting very bad when it comes to listening and doing things her way or no way! I don't know how to get through to her that when she...

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How to discipline a 14 month old????

My son is into EVERYTHING, he hits everybody he throws his food at me or on the floor he has the biggest tantrums kicking and screaming included and if i take him away from...


Anne Coulter not able to speak in Ottawa

Coulter protesters attack free speech: Levant 24/03/2010 10:49:43 AM CTV.ca News Staff Free speech advocates say university administrators should be embarrassed that...

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ok i have richard and robert and i am going to go insane there dad decited that he wanted to go play in afganistane for a year leaving me with tweddle dee and tweddle dum since...

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gas pain in baby...help

so, my baby girl, now 6 weeks old, has been having awful gas bubbles for weeks now. i thought it was the formula i introduced her too but that is out of her system now and she...

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what to tell my kids..

So my soon to be ex husband is the the only father my children know.. at first he wanted to be around now that he is dating someone he cut off all ties. my daughter is 5 and my...

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Am I wrong in my thinking?!

Im a single mom with a preemie at this time Im not working but Im starting school in June and I do lots have voluteering. He is now 17months old (14months adjusted) and his...


Parents views on choosing to be a sahm.

I have an 8 month old son and am currently on maternity leave. Once he turns one in September I have to make the decision whether to stay at home with him or not. Me and my...

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Tips on how adding weight to your BF baby

My son is 6mo. old and weighs 13lbs and 14.5 oz. He is off the bottom of the weight chart. He has been sick with an ear infection and a cold. He has lost weight over the last...