I need advice

I'm a stay at home mom and our son is nine months old and hes crawling arounding getting into trouble, but when he does something bad i try to tell him no but he laughs at me,...

Started by Elizabeth on 09/01/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Husbands Computer Gaming Dilemma

Hello Mommies, I do now know how to approach my problem. My husband is really into his computer games (particularly World of Warcraft). He use to play every night after our...


non-parent friends

I'm 20 years old and have two daughters. All of my old high school friends have gone off to college and since i can't go out and party they have lost intrest and we don't talk...


Feeding one year olds food - about to lose my mind!

I am about to lose my mind. I cannot handle feeding my twin one year olds food much longer. We are weaning off of the blottle and trying to take whole milk in sippy cups -which...

Started by Karily on 02/22/2011 in Twins

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work vs. family

This all started in my mind because my little Charlotte is not even a week old...wait. now she's a week old today. Anyway...excuse my sleep deprived mind. My husband's company...

Started by Amy on 06/24/2011 in Just Debates

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These words make me cringe sometimes

When my daughter who recently turned 16 says " Mom, I want to be honest with you because it doesn't feel right keeping it from you". I almost feel myself cringe for fear of what...

Started by Jackie on 09/08/2011 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Baby father issues? Advice?

I need advice. Non biased just logical and truthful... Long story short, I got pregnant by a "man" who I know I shouldn't have been involved with because of his immaturity,...


Mean, rude, disrespectful daughter

My daughter just turned 12 this week. She has had issues for a couple of years but it is getting worse. She is stubborn and talks so bad to me and my fiancé. If I send her to...

Started by Julie on 06/03/2013 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Does your HUSBAND do the laundry?

I have a friend she is a SAHM with 2kids.. Her husband works full time,but he has to do all the laundry,ironing,vacume clean the house and clean up when he gets home.He even...

Started by Gena on 06/28/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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