Need recipe for Velveeta Cheese Pie

A friend of mine let me sample a pie her sister made - Velveeta Cheese Pie. It was awesome! I have searched all over the place for the recipe. If anybody has this recipe, I...


cheesy velveeta chicken

1 box velveeta rotini w/ broccoli 4 bonless, skinless chicken breasts red pepper flakes garlic powder onion powder salt pepper flour 1 tbsp butter 1 tbsp olive oil 1 cup water...


Broccoli cheddar soup

Ingredients: 1bag Frozen broccoli cuts (or a head of fresh, steamed broccoli) 1/2 box Velveeta cheese 2 cups chicken broth 4 cups lactose free milk 1 bag fine noodles 1/2 T...


help need cheap dinner ideas!

I am not much of a cook and really need some help...my husband and i both lost our jobs so i would like cheap dinner ideas also..kid friendly too we have a 6 year old! thanks...


What to make with Ground Beef?

Ok, so I make meat loaf, hambergers, stuffed bell peppers already. What else is there to make with ground beef? My mom keeps buying it and I don't know what else to make with...


Taco Soup

2lbs ground beef 2 packs taco seasoning 3 cups water 1 can corn 1 can black beans 1 can kidney beans 1 can rotel shredded velveeta cheese sour cream frito corn chips brown...


Homemade Hamburger Helper

Brown 1lb hamburger. Add salt, pepper, and garlic salt. Drain. Boil 2 cups elbow macaroni, drain. To the hamburger, add 1 can Cream of Mushroom soup and 1/4cup milk. Mix, then...


Cheesy Spaghetti Corn Casserole

1 can whole kernel corn, undrained 1 can creamed corn, undrained 2 cups spaghetti or other pasta noodles 1 cup velveeta cubed 1 T butter Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Add...


Looking for two things

I am looking for a good meatloaf recipe I tried one a friend gave me and it had no real flavor Spicy is okay I am also looking for a chicken spagetti recipe my husband raves...



Does anybody know how to make them? I just want to know how many ways you can make enchiladas, and what you use.


Ground Beef Recipes

I am looking for some ground beef reciepes that are quick to make or that can be made ahead and frozen. Besides meatloaf, enchiladas, tacos and nachos. Thanks