Last Child to Leave...Identity Fled as Well

I wish I had thought to reach out two years ago. My eighteen year old daughter, the baby of five children (still in high-school) went to her dad's house in January of 2014....

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My 15 year old son

Well my name is cheryl i have a 15 year old son that disrespects me his dad and other family doesnt do what his is told steals money from us and other family members,we had...


Am i wrong for keeping my sons abusive father away

I got pregnant at 18 by my "dream guy" who really turned out to be manipulating me and messing with my head the whole time. It didnt show until i was pregnant. The mental...

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I kicked my 20 year old out

I'm having a hard time with my decision. My son thinks he's the man of the house. I've been remarried for 14 years. My husband and son had always had their ups and downs....

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Custody issues

So, my 16 yr old son has recently been admitted to a short term rehab for depression and drug addiction. He has admitted that in the past his father who has court ordered...


Through the ringer and back

Myself and my now fiancé are 7 months preggo. Problem is- he does not show that he's remotely interested in the kid and here she goes kicking and moving away inside my belly....

Started by Alyssa on 03/01/2016 in Expecting

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hair and skin color

my son 1/2 white 1/2 black.. is now almost 28monts his hair was really curly and long when he was born so after a few months (6mnth) i needed to cut it now after several...


Vasectomy Reversal

Has anyone gone through a vasovasostomy (vasectomy reversal)? I need some help here. My husband has three teenagers from his previous marriage. His vasectomy was done about...


Need help

Hello I need help my husband left us one year ago and at the beginning we were co-parenting going out to dinner movies and events with our son but after a few months everything...


Sr Pom and Sex and Disappointed

I walked in on my daughter and her boyfriend in our house alone. Very compromising position. I had strict rules that he should not come over if I am not at home. My daughter...

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Leave the father?

I just had my son on April 9th 2016. His father and I knew each ither in high school but never dated or anything like that, 10 years later in November 2015 he messaged me on...

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Please help me, 13 year old daughter is a terror

Hi ladies! My name is Lindsay and I'm just a mess to say the least. I am in need of advice please. I have been raising my 13 year old niece since she was 1 1/2 years old. She is...

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How should I handle this

Well to start. I'm a single mother of three girls. The oldest being 19, 8, and 4 month old. My two older girls has the same dad. He's active in their lives. My baby girl father...

Started by Shanika on 06/14/2016 in Single Moms

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Husband that doesn't understand

I'm not sure what's going wrong in our marriage. I have recently started my own business which is stressful, plus I watch our 5 and 3 year old while I'm working at home. I had a...

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Is it Autism?

I know they say Autism can't be diagnosed until the age of two, but I am wondering if maybe you can tell earlier than this. My daughter is 7 months old, and since she was about...

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Advanced Maternal Age

Ok, so the topic of teen pregnancy has been touched on, but I was wondering how you all felt about women becoming 1st time parents in their mid-late 40's. Advances in...

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To Tatto or Nottoo? That is the Question.

Alright my Christian queen-moms, here's another controversial issue. Tattoos. I've seen Bibles, prayers, crosses, fish, and I've even seen a full chest front view tattoo of...

Started by Lori on 10/21/2009 in Christian Moms

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