Mom of a preemie

My son was born on November 18 2013 his due date wasn't until January 13 2014. I was 32 weeks when he was born right now he is in the NICU. He's having trouble breathing on his...

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Changing the last name of my baby

i registered my baby with the fathers last name, only becuase he black mailed me saying he was going to end his life and i would be my fault leaving my baby without a father if...


Poopie and tummy troubles :(

Hello Moms (and Dads!) Im Catt and i have a 4mo old baby girl, Lily ♥ her father and I are extremely lucky, she has been a DREAM ever since she was born. Except after my milk...

Started by Catherine on 12/02/2013 in Babies And Infants

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My daughters other family

My daughter is 4 2days after Christmas and she is my whole life and when I was pregnant her i asked the dad if he would like 2 see her and he kept calling me allsorts and...



Ok my Fb Friends & Family I have over a 1000 friends on here & need some help....my niece is 18 months old & is in the hospital & we have no idea what is wrong...


Need advice

Need advice on how to deal with my baby dad's girlfriend not being able to mind her own business. I have no problem talking to my sons father about things that have to do with...

Started by Penny on 12/11/2013 in Single Moms

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Child neglect

So I have an older sister with two beautiful girls 4 and 20m to which I'm worried constantly about see my sister has a good heart but not where it really matters, her family....



My son was diagnosed with both ADHD and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) when he was in second grade (7yo) he is currently in 4th grade. We first tried adderall, his dad...


I Need Advice

I'm 18 years old and i and i had my daughter when i was only 17 now she is 5 months but i left her dad we use to live together but i didn't like the way he treated me. He would...


step mom losing it

I have just remarried and have three step children. 5, 9. 10 yrs old. They fight and yell all the time. The 9 years old bugs the other two and the other two yell his name or...

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claim!! help

I live in Illinois. And my babys dad wants to claim my baby on income tax I don't want him to I want my parents to claim my son because. I want to start an. Account & save...


Single mother of 3 Kids

I wish I knew how to get over my ex who clearly make sure I know he has some1 he is loved with, we have 2 kids (girl) and currently 7 and half months pregnant with our son. But...

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Bathroom anxiety

I have an 8 year old daughter with a fear/anxiety about bathrooms. She is fully potty trained obviously, and has never had any issues with bathrooms this bad before but here in...