do you let your kids believe in Santa?

i know the holiday season has just passed but i read a thread on another community about this so i had to bring it up here because i enjoy the POVs in this group. do you or...

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Hi everyone! I am at my witts end with my son. I take him to a private speech therapists 2 times a week, he also gets speech in school, but it doesnt seem to help. It does and...


baby in bed..

i just had my first baby feb 4th :) shes simply perfect!! theres just one problem, i CANNOT get her to sleep anywhere eles but in my bed!!! ve tryd everything! i love it bc shes...

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ideas for lunch or dinner?

I think I am in a rut but then again my baby is also being finicky. Any ideas as to what you give your child for lunch or dinner? I am not a fan of the lovely chicken nuggets...


when and how to bring it up?!

I have a 10 yr old step daughter turning 11 next week. her mother isnt very involved in her life nor does she care about much. I was online the other day, checking out the...


Potty Training Need Advice!

I am just starting potty training with my 27 month old daughter. She likes to sit on the potty and we put her on at certain intervals during the day when we believe she would...


what my son's behaviour is like

my son has not be diagnosed yet but what do YOU think?? every doctor says something different and now i feel like what my pedio thinks this thursday will be the diagnoses.... My...


Generic VS Name Brand?

Just a little shoot off my other topic I posted last week. I'm curious what you absolutely need to buy that is name brand of and what you will buy generic of.


how do i let go?

i need some advice cause its causing a rift in my marriage i have co-slept with my son since day one and he is now 8 months and likes to crawl and stand so im worried with how...


civil responsibility

hubby and I were having a discussion last night about how too often these days people see or hear something that is wrong such as a parent abusing a child, a man beating his...

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best man question

I know this isn't a "mom" question, but I'm trying to get some opinions. My husband's cousin is getting married. He is in the military and at this point we THINK the wedding...

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