23 mo old isn't talking

My 23 month old son is only using about 4 words, mommy, daddy, go, and bye-bye. We read a lot, and of course have done everything to get him to talk. He jabbers a lot and...


How do i get him to understand....

Im a young mom and wife. My husband and i have had issues. But i simply can't shake how he tells me i have no back bone or continues to put me down. I've told him many times...


How did he propose?

Yes I asked. Was it cute and quirky? Was it funny? Was it romantic? Was it a suprise? Or did he trip over his own tongue a few times so you knew what was going on? My...


Do your kids LOVE TV?

Mine do, they ask to watch their shows all the time. BUT they also enjoy playing outside, playing camping, imitating me, etc. When I feel like they've had enough. I just turn to...


Giving kids up for Adoption-WHYYYYYYYY

I happen to overhear someone's conversation at the local Family Dollar. The women said she was going to give her kids up for adoption because it’s too hard to take care of...


I NEED HELP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP ME!!!!!! I am about to graduate college with my Associates Degree in Medical Assisting and I have an internship coming up in October. My son will be 2 in mid-August and I...

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Frustrated with my own Mother

Maybe I'm being too sensitive but it bothers me that my Mother never asks if she can take my kids to do things. It's always like, "I want to take the kids to 'X' so I'll need...

Started by Michelle on 07/26/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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my son has ocd/anxiety/adhd help!

11 0 . . hi my son is diagnosed adhd/anxiety/ocd. He is currently taking zoloft for the anxiety, for 3 weeks now. the anxiety is getting a little better, but he is so...


My daughter just left home

My 19 yr old daughter left home the weekend and I can't stop crying, my heart aches for her, I just won't to go n get her m bring her home how long will this pain last