getting my 1 yr old in her own bed

i moved into a new house about 5 months ago and since i havent been able to get my daughter to sleep in her own cot...i have tried leaving her in the cot and chekin on her...

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tips for sleeping through the night...

does anyone have any sugegstions on how i can get my 6 month old to sleep through the night? it would be nice if she would sleep through the night in her own bed but i will...

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my babys 5 months old,and i just lost my second one at 7 weeks,feeling really sad,im worried its effecting my baby but try to keep my head up

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the dr. says she has hives.. it comes and goes, but never fully disappears. i have tried not eating some foods that i thought ,ay have caused it but doesn't seem like they did....


New here

I was married at 18 and had 2 children, when we found out my husband was paranoide skitzofrinic. We moved to Chicago to be closer to his family so that they could help out,...

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ok so my 20month old will not share anything if she see's any kid with something she will go and take it and as she walks away throws it on the floor coz she didnt really want...

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Need to wean twins from BFing to sleep!

My 8 month old twin boys have been breast fed to sleep since day 1. For the past 6 weeks I've been trying Pantleys Gentle Removal Method, where I keep taking them off the breast...


My son turns 2 tomorrow :(

My son, Tucker turns 2 tomorrow and I am having some real sad issues with it! I am always upbeat and always a talker, but this 2 thing is really bothering me! When he was born I...


bottles and breast feeding at 14 1/2 months

Hi mamas, My daughter is breast feeding a couple times a day. I'm happy to continue our breast feeding for a while; she asks for a morning, pre-nap, and bedtime nursing session...

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8 yR old daughter

I notice most of the moms here have babies but, I have been a single mom for 3 years and it has been hard. My daughter is 8 now . Trouble is my daughter just won't listen....

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Daughter is very independent

My daughter is extremely independent. She is happy to play by herself on the floor for an hour or more at a time. Should I be worried? It seems like all of my friends babies...


new to home schooling

hi everyone my name is tina i have a 4yr. named kaleb and a 10month old named collin. i would like to do home schooling but i'm trying to get hubby to get on the same page as me...


proud mommies!

i know every single one of us is proud of our child... lets share some stories! =) my daughter natalia is 20mos. old... she knows all of her colors except gray/brown.. but...


Family time!

I am a stay at home mother of one, a little girl named Ariauna she is 3and a half years old! My husband is a C.O at our county jail, he loves his job and I do to but 16 hour...


Growth Spurts

What are some tips to help make these growth spurts a little easier for my son (and myself and his daddy)? He's eating every hour during the day and crying off and on. I...

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Nua's dad is going to be moving down to cali. So I have started making their visit to every other week and when it gets close to him leave once a month. I'm so worried that...

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Hi there, My name is Kate, I have a beautiful baby boy, Samuel Aidan who was born on 26th May 2009. He was diagnosed at my 20 weeks scan with a unilateral cleft lip and...


Whiny 2 yr old

UGGH! I need help. My 2 y/o boy is very whiny and connected to my hip. He is aslo very jealous. my husband cant talk to me and the dogs cant come near me or he throws...

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How much should my baby be saying by now?

Hi Moms! This is my first post, and since you all have a baby about the same age as mine, I would so much love to have your input. My baby very clearly says about 5-10 words,...