Brushing Teeth

My sone turned 2 in February and brushing his teeth is the most frustrating part of our day. He hates it, I hate it. He's fine when it's his turn (however he just chews on the...

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Evangelist wife praying for wisdom

I am 41 with a 5 & 1 yr old boys. I minister w/ my husband full-time doing a variety of ministries. We have an inner city camp in the summer for inner city kids, have monthly...

Started by Starla on 04/15/2009 in Moms In Ministry

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Excited Potty Trainer

We introduced the potty to our daughter around Christmas time and have been using the potty daily for the past month, shes done a fantastic job. Our problem is she tells me she...

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My little guy has been crying, crying, crying and he has never done that before!! He will stop when I pick him up, so is he manipulating me or is he in pain? I can't seem to...



Hello mommys, I am also a new mom and would love some adivse or even stories about your lil ones, mine is not crawling yet, she's stubburn and since her daddy's walking...

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getting on same page with discipline

i am having huge issues getting my husband on board with discipline strategy. He is very " old school", and thinks parenting classes are a joke.. meaning has absolutely no...

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Finally hes here! Labour story!

4 days overdue - baby Owen James McCann was born on May25th 2009 at 12:43 pm! He tipped the scales at 9lbs 9 oz! we couldnt believe it, we never expected him to be so huge! I...

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Taking off pajamas and diaper at night...

Does anyone else's 2 year old get completely naked at night (and/or naptime), then wet the bed? My daughter has been doing this for a month or so. To fight the problem during...

Started by Melissa on 06/08/2009 in April 2007 Babies

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My special heart baby

My Beautiful son was born on the 21st of Oct 08 and made my life complete! I also have 3 wonderful daughters. Jay is my son's name and he was at home with us for 5 weeks before...



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Ok, so my step daughter, who is 9 (will be 10 in january), just got here today and as I was unpacking her clothes, I ran across her swim suit. At first glance, it looked like a...


My story

I had Ryan on aug. 20th 2003., he came breach. and in a hurry. we knew something was wrong with him but what we did not know. a dr test for all types of thing tri.18 chromosome...


My 21 month old won't sleep in her bed...

Yes, I know it's my fault...I just loved cuddling with her when she was little and now she's big and doesn't understand why she can't sleep with Mommy and Daddy anymore....

Started by Lindsey on 06/18/2009 in Moms Under 30

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getting my 1 yr old in her own bed

i moved into a new house about 5 months ago and since i havent been able to get my daughter to sleep in her own cot...i have tried leaving her in the cot and chekin on her...

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tips for sleeping through the night...

does anyone have any sugegstions on how i can get my 6 month old to sleep through the night? it would be nice if she would sleep through the night in her own bed but i will...

Started by Sarah Katherine on 07/13/2009 in Working Moms

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my babys 5 months old,and i just lost my second one at 7 weeks,feeling really sad,im worried its effecting my baby but try to keep my head up

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the dr. says she has hives.. it comes and goes, but never fully disappears. i have tried not eating some foods that i thought ,ay have caused it but doesn't seem like they did....


New here

I was married at 18 and had 2 children, when we found out my husband was paranoide skitzofrinic. We moved to Chicago to be closer to his family so that they could help out,...

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ok so my 20month old will not share anything if she see's any kid with something she will go and take it and as she walks away throws it on the floor coz she didnt really want...

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