Is being a stay at home mom a job?

I would like to first say that this is not about SAHM vs WM and if this topic already exsists then I apoligize, I didn't see one. I want to know if there is anyone else out...

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Jokes Please

If your ever down, I would like this to be a place for you to come. I was thinking that we should share jokes or funny stories. I love to laugh. It makes me feel good and I...


Pregnant teacher fired

She worked for a Christian School. The school claims they had her sign a contract agreeing that she would conduct her life in accordance with their religious beliefs. She...

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Planned or unplanned?

Was/were your baby/babies planned? How long were you trying for your baby? The number of unplanned pregnancys continue to rise in the Western world and whilst some of these are...


help with my 16 year old girl?

I really need some help here to understand my 16 year old daughter. Are they all screaming, yelling and wanting everything their way or is that just mine? She was a kind...

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Childcare centers

I had an idea that perhaps folks would like to do that really does not exist in the world as yet but I think would be a good safe childcare facility. A 24 hour family care...

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Who are we?

I am a Pro-life Christian mother of five. I do not vaccinate my children and I don't intend to, ever. I use the TV as a babysitter sometimes even though I know I shouldn't. I...

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Double Standards at Home.

I have a fantastic Husband. I know he's one of the good ones but there are days I'd like to "knock his head off" I've seen some men who help at home but that concept in my house...

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I hate being a wife and mother

RANT: Some of you may remember my post I made and had deleted not too long ago called "Is my husband being unreasonable? Or am I just incompetent" where I explained my...

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Do kids really need preschool? I mean if you're a SAHM why not just teach them yourself? Even if you're not is it really necessary? I mean here are some benefits: Benefits...

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are all men this way

ok how can i put this nicely lol.i love my boyfreind very much and we have a 3 year old daughter we been together for 8 years and live together for 4. i work a part time job...