Tired of "Welfare Calls" to Sherriffs Dept.

Today, one of my SK's turned 6. The BM called my husband so much at work that he turned his phone off without notifying me first. A Sherriff's Deputy pulled into our drive way...

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My Story

Hi everyone! I'm glad I've got some members and hope to have some great discussions about our families and to be there as supports for each other. It's trying enough to be a...


Eating and Sleeping HELP!

Ok, so I have been hearing a lot of info on how often, and much babies should be eating and sleeping. I want to get a general idea and consensus. This is my 6 1/2 months...


how to get potty traning down??

My little girl is almost 2 and a half we are trying to get her to use the potty, how do you get it down??

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Gender roles

I am totally for boys playing with "girl" toys and girls playing with "boy" toys...such as dolls and trucks. I have no issue with that, nor my children dressing differently, and...

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Table Food

My kid, born Dec 2008, is still primarily eating baby food. Is this normal? I can't get him to try table food! He eats a few snack foods, like goldfish and bread, but won't...


Tizzie Hall or Elizabeth Pantley?

I have a 16 week old baby who feeds every 2 hours except for a 3 and a half hour period between midnight and 2.30am. She used to only have 5 or 10 minute day sleeps every 4...


Daily Routine?? Need sugestions

I have a 22 month old who loves to go out of the house and run errands to consume his day,but I now have a 2 week old and I need some ideas on a structured daily routine for my...

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19 month old about to become big brother..

I am 38 weeks right now with my daughter, Madison. We have a 19 month old son named Aedan. I was just wondering how some of your first children reacted to becoming a big brother...

Started by Sarah on 01/20/2011 in Toddlers

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Need sleep Tips!

I am reading healthy sleep happy baby and my husband and I agreed that after our routine we put our baby down and let him learn to sleep, he is almost 5 months. He sometimes has...


Crying it out method

My son is 11 months and breastfeeds and has been used to be rocked and held while he sleeps, now to my dismay I have to go to work and now have learned that I have not taught...


marriage not going well

Our marriage is not doing well. We have 2 girls that would be affected by any split. If the worst happens, how can I help my girls cope with a divorce?