Father of the Year

Yay religion! Freakin sickos. He should be charged with assault with a weapon, and have his child taken from him. The mother should be charged as an accomplice also, as she did...


my sons 504 plan was discontinued????

I just found out that my sons 504 was discontinued in 2009??? When he was in 1st grade. Hes in 2nd grade now and takes meds for adhd. During parent teacher conference the...


Any Lupus sufferers??

Anyone else living with Lupus? Would love some info on how you prevent/handle flare ups, especially in regarding to chasing young children during a flare up!! It sure can be...


How do I deal with my 13 year old daughter?

My daughter was diagnosed with severe depression a while back and now she has gotten a little better. She relapsed into her self harm again and I'm trying so hard to stop her....

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Did Feminism Benefit Men more than Women?

Maureen Dowd wrote the following column: Women are getting unhappier. In the early ’70s, breaking out of the domestic cocoon, leaving their mothers’ circumscribed...

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Stop feeling guilty about not breastfeeding!

From The Stir Read any post about breastfeeding and it's likely a mom who didn't breastfeed will get offended. Even if the words are chosen carefully, even if it's not saying...

Started by Katherine on 04/28/2012 in Babies And Infants

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I can teach you how to cook!!

My name is Ellen, better known as Chef Ellen. I live in Palm Beach Gardens Florida and I am here to help those mom's out there to learn how to cook a wonderful health meal, on a...


Don't know what to do....

Hi, I'm new to this site. I stumbled across it trying to google what to do in my case. My son is 5 today, and he goes to daycare with my other two children ages 1, and 3. He...


Going to be a single mom with a traveling career

Hi there, I love my job, the people I work with, the traveling, and the money. I feel its super important to introduce children to the world and teach them some diversity....

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My mother in law visits from the other side of the country often and at all the important dates like VALENTINES DAY, and every other holiday. i know I'm supposed to be nice,...

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