Elective C Sections??

I just have to ask this question on why some mothers are going for an elective c section. I feel if its not medically necessary then it should not be done. C sections are on...


A little annoyed

My boyfriend is really close to his family and, I have to admit, most of the members of his family are amazing and I love them, too. The issue is that, in true family fashion,...

Started by Paula on 11/11/2009 in The Mommy Trade

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its so hard

its just so hard watching my son tick and get so angry all day long he has been dianosed with tourettes , aspergers , ocd , adhd and has lots of sensory issues ...i also have a...


need advise please

My son is 3 and he is getting uncontrolable he is having melt downs of things being put in the "wrong" spot all day long he will even have meltdowns over someone just looking...


Pregnant ....... AGAIN!

So just wondering if any of you ladies are pregnant or even thinking about becoming pregnant again? We were not thinking about having another yet, IF we were to have a 4th we...

Started by Alexandria on 11/28/2012 in Due December 2011!!

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Hi im new

Hi my name is Amanda im 34 a single mum to 3 boys and im disabled, iv got fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, thyroid problems, ventricular tachycardia, slipped/...


Why he joined?

Or why you joined? I would love to hear everyone's stories. For me: Let me think here. I wanted to at first go to West Point when I was younger. But when 2001 happened, it...


So scared for my little girl.

Tomorrow my husband and I have an appointment with our paediatrician... he asked us to come in specially to see him as he thinks he knows what is wrong with Ava. I just don't...


Clingy Toddler

My daughter is 1 1/2 yrs old. I'm 16 wks pregnant. The past few days she has been crying to me, holding her hands out to me, wanting to lay on me more, always wanting me me me!...


Spare the rod, spoil the child?

Does the bible mean that you should spank your child? What is everyone's thoughts on the bible verse AND on spanking?

Started by Ashley on 10/14/2012 in Christian Moms

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How do you save money trying to take care of a toddler?

Started by Jessica on 04/04/2009 in Money Saving Tips

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what is wrong with people

so i when to the store today with my baby in her stroller when this guy passing by us tryed to get thow the crack between the daughter and another cart but insted of lefting his...

Started by Leslie on 05/07/2009 in Torontorians

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new member...hello

I was excited to see a "community" to brag about husbands...I was beginning to think my husband was totally out of the norm from where I am from. When you talk to other friends...


Schools and their ideas

I am wondering if I am the only mom that is sick and tired of the school system telling me how to raise my child. I am beginning to feel that maybe I should just turn over all...

Started by Antoinette on 01/22/2010 in School-Age Kids

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