Solids for babies?

Well I just got finished from reading a couple of interesting comments on why people do or don't agree on putting "things" in a baby's bottle so I was just wondering at what age...


Any other toothless wonders

So my daughter still doesn't have any teeth, lol. Anyone else in the same boat? Or anyone else have late bloomers? Did the late cutters wake up with a mouthful one morning?...


13 mth old throwing tantrums?!

My daughter is starting to throw tantrums. All I do is move her and she throws herself back, well arches her back and just falls backwards, not caring whats behind her. Her head...


Im a little obsessive!

I am trying to prepare my baby nursery (i'm due august 20th, with my first child) and I am extremely anal about the way I am organizing things. I have come to the realization...

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human organ trafficking.

http://www.newsweek.com/2009/01/09/not-just-urban-legend.html What do you think? Would you pay big bucks to have an organ transplant in 2 weeks instead of 2 years? Would it...

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Home birth.

Me and my husband are curently trying for our second baby. and i have been considering home birth for this one my first birth went reli well was natural and i ddnt use ne pain...

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bad mouth

how to help my 2 year old with his bad language...and rude behavior...what to do about all the falling out and issues i am having with him...is this normal

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18 month old wont use a spoon or fork

When its meal time i give my daughter her plate and give her a baby spoon or baby fork to let her try and feed herself but she rather use her hands. i try to show her how to do...

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Want to impress my husband

With Valentine's day coming up, I really want to make a great meal for my hubby. He does most of the cooking for us, as I am not a good cook. I am looking for something easy...


My daughter pulls her hair out!

My twin 15 month old daughter pulls her hair out around her bang area and uses it like dental floss! At first I thought it was funny, now she has a bald spot. Is this normal?...


Testerone Injections

My son is set to have his surgery on June 27th and has to have 2 sets of testerone injections at 3 and 6 weeks before his surgery. His first injection will be on Wednesday. I...

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"cry it out"???

my son is 10 months old and still wakes up through out the night! i will hold him and 2 min later he is out. he just wants me to hold him so he can fall back asleep. i am...


Play dates

I just moved to Vail, AZ and i am from CA so i don't know anyone. I am really looking for a young mother that as a boy or girl around the same age as my son(he is 1) i am 23 and...

Started by Chelsea on 08/01/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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