going crazy...any suggestions

my 7 months daughter hardly naps 30 min. during the day, then she keeps on complaining all day and it makes it hard for me to do anything else when she's awake...when bedtime...

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Weaning with great sadness

My son, who just turned one, loves his "nursey, nursey" time with mommy. Mommy loves it, too. I have to wean my little one so that we can try for a little sister or brother to...

Started by Geralyn on 04/21/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Red Head Toddler

I have a red-headed 2, soon to be 3 year old boy. He seems to have no volume switch. He is either on full blast, running, yelling, a hard-core child, or sleeping. Is this the...


Bedtime routine is disasterous!!!

I need help desperately, my daughter (23 months) has a fairly regular bedtime routine... until we upgraded her to a 'big girl' bed. With her new found freedom, my husband & I...


Trying to wean

I am trying to wean my 14 month old from breast-feeding. We have cut right back so that she is only feeding late in the afternoon, and during the night, but the night-time...

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How do I wean my 11 month old? I still nurse on demand, but mostly before naps and first thing in the morning, but not for very long. I want to stop pumping and after being sick...

Started by Beth on 04/28/2010 in May 2009 Babies

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How many CDs should I have?

My baby is now just over 2 weeks old, and already I have grown a severe dislike of disposables. Not only have they given her a diaper rash, which flares when I'm forced to use...


HELP!!!!! i cant control my daughters out bursts

my daughter is 25 months and can have uncontrolable out bursts. she will shout and scream the house down more time than not, sometimes for the most simplest of things like...

Started by Samantha on 01/22/2009 in Moms Under 30

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not quite single..

Me and my babys father just recently got back together, but today i found out he was out with another girl last saturday.. he admitted to it and apologized but I'm worried i'm...



My son is 8 months old and Im just wondering when I should start weaning him from the breast. It is getting kind of difficult to nurse him now that he has teeth, he is starting...

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