My ex has started a habit of getting the kids a day late, picking them up on Saturday morning instead of Friday night and dropping them off pretty much 24 hours later on the...


temp. is 102

my 7 month old daughter started getting congested overnight last night and woke up with a fever this morning. it was only about 100 rectally this morning but now it is 102.1...



Good Morning All, I have been lurking and reading what all is going on with everyone and just havent known how to put everything together so you can see the whole picture I...

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I need help!!!!

i dont know what to do.. my son is 10 years old and he gets angry, i try to help him with his homework and he just dont care for learning, he HATES school, hes on 2 meds 1 for...


not sure how to feel and confused

this pregnancy was my fourth. my first two went really well. my third i had a hemmorage and thought i had lost him, until the ultra sound. it has now been almost 2 years and i...


Population Control

Al Gore, Agenda 21 And Population Control   The American Dream June 24, 2011 Imagine going to sleep one night and waking up many years later in a totally different...

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"Aging" teen moms?

I'm 31 and my oldest daughter is almost 16. I'm wondering how many other women who were teen moms are out there that now have teenagers and if anyone is interested in talking...


Big boy trouble

I have two sons one is 3 1/2 and 8 months. My older son is giving me such trouble. He is fighting me over everything from eatting, going to sleep, cleaning up, getting dressed...


Air Travel with toddler and baby

Hi ladies! I am traveling solo for the first time with a toddler (almost 3) and baby (8 months). I will be taking my double stroller for the airport, as well as a convertible...


Natural ways to induce labor

I'm expecting my second and am diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Right now I'm in my 39 weeks and cervix is not dilated at all. Doc wants to induce me in a week's time - but...

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What to do about my step kids mom??

My husbands ex-wife is so frustrating and i'm not sure what to say to her if its even my place to speak up and say anything. in my opinion she is not a mom she is a "friend" to...

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