At a lost... don't know what to do.

Hi everyone. I have a one year old and I have been a stay-at-home mom since she I was pregnant. Her dad works but comes home late constantly disregarding the schedule that we...

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dream/twilight feedings....

Hello all! I have a question that I am hoping a lot of you can weigh in on... I am a working mom of a 7 month old who is exclusively BF. About a month ago we stopped...


What to do about an absent father

I am new to this site. I am the proud mom of two girls, Kianna 10(almost 11) and Alayna 4. My daughters have different fathers and neither father are involved much and both live...


My son's first surgery in 2 weeks!! :/

My son has an undescended testicle and the surgery for it is in 2 weeks from today. Even though I have heard from 2 other mom's that they had to have the same surgery done with...


breaking point

if u are totally secluded how long til most people break from staying home with kids. i have a 3yr a 2yr and a 7month all boys. been home over a year and its starting to effect...

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Hi all, Sorry I just needed to vent some frustration!!!! We have just been discharged from hospital! The second visit in 6 weeks for my sons skin!! It keeps getting infected!...


feeling helpless

My name is Amanda and I'm a 26 yr old with 2 kids. Adriana will be 3 in Feb. And my beautiful baby boy ♥ Aiden would be turning 1 in Feb.,but he is in heaven watching over us...


How do I love this step child, and his mother?

Hi all, after becoming pregnant with my son, my husband told me he had a child with another woman. I've met the little boy and his mom, and have tried to think logically about...

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I feel like I'm a single mom.

I noticed that's an issue with a lot of stay at home moms. But this has been wearing on me. Even during my pregnancy it seemed like my husband wasn't interested. He'd make an...

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