Jealous Hubby

Okay guys, this is kind of a husband question more than a kid question but I think it applies... I am a happily married mother of 2 four year olds. My husband and I have been...



Now, I know I've posted answers to people seeking balance in their life about adding God in the picture... I need balance in a different way. Currently, I'm the only one...

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Third shift.....

I HATE THIRD SHIFT!!!!! WITH A PASSION, but its the shift he has to be on any advise on how to get used to it, I should be used to it considering he's been working at this job...


Getting twins on the same schedule

I have 3month old boy/girl twins. My son is on a great schedule but I can't seem to get my daughter to go to sleep before 1am! She is colic every night for 1-3 hours and 1am is...

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Time for writing?

Hi writer mamas! I am a mother of 2, an 8 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. I was just curious to know when you all find the time to write. Unfortunately I'm not a morning...


Supporters of Dr. Ferber's Method

Hi July baby mom's! I have seen a lot of great questions about sleep habits, schedules, routines, methods, etc. in our community. I have also seen a lot of misinformation...

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So, i just ask that no one judges me. Im here for a reason and so are all of you. I am 17 years old, and i want to have a baby. Problem is, i have no way to get pregnant. Now, i...


Fear of being left alone

I'm sitting here right now listening to my 3 yr old scream b/c she had to go to bed alone. She sleeps in our room in her own bed and for the past couple of weeks I've noticed...

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Any stories about pumping milk?

This is just to share and to see if there are other stories out there: I pump milk every day at work, usually twice in an eight hour period (down from an original three times)....


general stress.... need support

OK so i am having a really hard time i have been diagnosed with depression which i am working through with the support of my family but i don't have the motivation to do a lot...

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I'm a mother of a 5 year old son that was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech this past summer ('11). He started kindergarden this year and has worked well until after...


needing support

I mostly lurk on boards like these, but i guess i really shoul start a conversation with people. I have suffered from depression sice i was 15. i am 30 now and the mother of...


Weaning Guilt

Hello All, I've been breastfeeding my almost 3 month old son and have not enjoyed any part of it at all and have only continued this long for his benefit! We've managed to...


Is my son autistic?

Today I took my son to the doctor for an unrelated reason to this topic, but she has been concerned because of his delay in speech. My son is 15 months old, doesn't talk a whole...


son gets up early

My 17 month old is wakein up in the night and I have trouble getting him back to sleep then he wakes up at 5 every morning he jas been like this for a long time now and. He has...

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