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my husband wnats me to get a job

basically im a stay at home mum to two kids one 2yr the other 5yrs. my husband works 6 days a week and isnt always home at 5 or 6 sometimes it might be 7 or half 7. i dont ask...

Started by Terina on 04/19/2012 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 08/27/2012 by Mary


Could you forgive Cheating?

I wasn't sure if you are a type of person that would forgive your spouse if they truly did cheat on you.

Started by Erica on 07/27/2011 in Bitchin Ladies

Last update on 03/29/2015 by Kim


Righty titgh-y or Lefty loose-y..........

Are left handed individuals smarter than right handed individuals? What are your thoughts? Here are some interesting articles(just to get started) suggesting why perhaps left...

Started by Hannah on 11/21/2010 in Hot Topics

Last update on 11/24/2010 by Jenn


Do it yourself...

Are there any other moms that try to make/do as much as they can before buying store bought items? After my daughter was born I discovered the wonderful world of making your...

Started by Bonnie on 08/18/2010 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 08/24/2010 by Katie


Jocelyn being crafty.

This is the scrabble wall art I made for my father.

Started by Jocelyn on 12/18/2010 in Hot Topics

Last update on 12/19/2010 by Jocelyn


Sharing the great news

Sharing the exciting news: our first issue of Inspired by Family Magazine is out! Now you can get all of this in one place: recipes, spiritual encouragement, crafts, DIY, craft...

Started by Mari on 03/20/2012 in Christian Moms

Last update on 03/20/2012 by Mari


Diaper Sprayer?

I have been on the hunt for some time now for a "diaper sprayer" but everywhere I ask the clerks give me a funny look and don't know what I am talking about! Has anyone in...



I can't helpbut feel that my husband doesn't want me anymore!! The only time we ever have a chance for sex is at night after our little girl goes to bed for the night, but he...


Apartment Living?

We need to find a cheaper place so we are considering moving to an apartment. We have never lived attached to anyone before. I would like to hear others experiences with this...



Every country has its own slang, i just wanted to share some of my fellow kiwi slang. http://www.newzealandatoz.com/index.php?pageid=358 "you'll always' be a kiwi when you...


Banning sparklers?

http://www.qt.com.au/story/2010/09/14/Parents-tell-DIY-bomb-blast-horror/ Note: This is a bit gross if you're squeamish. Just thought I'd warn you :) Seriously, the parents...


Cheap Cloth Diaper Website??

Hi, currently I'm using the one size fits all bumgenius cloth diapers, but I feel like they are pretty pricey. Does anyone know of a website that sells them for a good price...


Second Birthday Party Plans?

Just wanted to say hello to all my fellow december '09 moms out there :) Our little princesses and princes will be 2 before we know it!! I can't believe I have been following...

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