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Looking for something fun to do with the kiddo's?

WILLY WONKA JR. BOOK FAIR EVENT- Palace Theatre will be promoting the show May 9th from 9am to 11pm at Barnes and Noble, South Willow St. Manchester. Grab a voucher at the door,...

Started by Angela on 05/03/2009 in Moms In NH

Last update on 05/04/2009 by Angela


What are your baby's favorite things to do?

My boy will be 11 months on the 20th and he absolutely loves Stacking rings and blocks and playing with balls. He likes story time but insists that he will turn the pages and is...

Started by Andrea on 03/18/2010 in April 2009 Babies

Last update on 03/28/2010 by Jolisa


I want to do things too

Im a stay at home mother to a gorgeous 4 month old baby girl, my husband works hard being in the military and working long hours. Me staying at home I don't do much and when I...


Stupid things people do!!!

I got this idea from the home page. I hate it when people stand right behind you in line breathing down your neck.

Started by Shannintipton on 07/06/2011 in Bitchin Ladies

Last update on 07/06/2011 by Tamara


Funny things kids say or do,

I just like to read about funny thing kids say or do, for example my daughter is learing her colors she dosen't call them by the proper name though she associates the color...

Started by Emilie on 01/15/2010 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 03/10/2010 by Cari



So I am a 21 yr old mother of a 4 yr old boy and a 6 1/2 month old daughter (which I breastfeed) Well I want to start off by saying I have always been a stay at home mother me...

Started by Felecia on 05/28/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 06/01/2009 by Lisette


The Crazy Things They Do!

I get very stressed out and overwhelmed with all the insane things my son does. Things that I just can't process or understand becuase it completely defies logic and reason. In...


How do I keep things clean?

I try my hardest to keep my house clean. It seems like it will only stay clean for a couple of hours. I will spend hours cleaning. I have a 22 month old and he isnt as messy and...

Started by Miranda on 04/09/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 04/21/2011 by Miranda


What good birthday things can you do?

I'm not always comeing up with good ideas to do with my for his birthday. You can only do the same things, so many times. If any of you have some kind of fun games, things to do...

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