Desperate :(

Hi everyone. Me and my bf are 20 and have an 18 month old. We live in Cornwall at the minute but are moving back to Manchester in 2 weeks, and in with his parents until we...

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my daughter,amy graduating from University

Hi..my daughter Amy,21 yrs is graduating with University honors and Dept of English honors this next week. I am so excited for her. I cannot wait for her graduation but I'm...


My 21 month old wakes screaming at night help!!!

My 21 month old wakes up screaming several times a night, it's also becoming a joke to even make him go to sleep. When I first put him to sleep, he will refuse to sleep, try...

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How old was your little one...

When you started potty training? We have slowly been starting the potty training process. We first got him on at about 16 months and did quite well. He pooped and peed the first...

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My toddler will not sleep through the night!

My 18 month little boy will not sleep through the night. He would wake up for a bottle around midnight but the past two weeks I have tried to wean him from that and it is not...

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Toddler Waking up screaming?

My 25 month old has NEVER slept through the night, as a rule. He has quite a few times, but most nights he wakes up screaming like he is scared at about one or two in the...

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Car Troubles...

My daughter, Brenna, is 9 weeks old and absolutely HATES the car!! Everytime she gets in, she screams until she either hypervenalates, or chokes on her spit. It's so...

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BF second time around

I swear, I'm being a pain about this. I've posted this all over the place on different boards, but I really need some good solid advice. Here it goes (and sorry if you've seen...


Help w/ my toddler! PLEASE READ!

Hi - I moved when I was 5 months pregnant with our second son (now 2 months), with my husband and our oldest son who is now 21 months. Up until we moved, he was on a schedule...

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Dr. Jekylll and Mr. Hyde..but cuter

Hello Moms! My darling little daughter (21 months) has recently started to just lose her ever loving mind for absolutely no reason. Yesterday..it was because I put on slippers....


getting depressed in pregnancy

hi everyone,im 37 yrs old pregnant woman carrying my second child after a gap of 10 yrs..my oldest daughter is 10 yrs old..i was so excited in getting pregnant intially,since i...


Potty training

My son will be three here in May. I know all kids go at their own rate and have heard boys can be harder to potty train. Ive been through all this once before with his older...

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