Wont stop sucking his thumb!

he is 20 months old and wont stop sucking his thumb. I've tried some things but nothing seems to work. My other two took a pacifier which I took away on their first birthday,...

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Heeeelllllpppppp my 7 week old has colic doesn't hardly stop crying :-(((( is anyone else going through the same? It's soo upsetting


weaning a 21 month old

My daughter is 21 months. She needs to be breastfed to get to sleep. She wakes during the night and Has to be nursed back to sleep. She is my 3rd and final child so this hasnt...

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Getting twins on the same schedule

I have 3month old boy/girl twins. My son is on a great schedule but I can't seem to get my daughter to go to sleep before 1am! She is colic every night for 1-3 hours and 1am is...

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New bf and differing opinions of sleep techniques

I have been a single mom since my son was born, and he is now 10 months old. i recently started seeing a man with an 11 month old son of his own. we have very different views on...

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Accidents happen so fast!

Hey there all moms! I have something i need to get off my chest, i'm actually really shaken up about this. Yesterday i was at work and my 2 little girls where at home with...

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Reflux or something else?

My daughter was born Christmas Day, 2010, and she is a screamer/spewer. Being a new mommy, I figured I had just never been around babies that young before. She started crying...


trouble sleeping

my husband and i got stationed in Germany back in September. Well, back in november my daughter and i went back to the states for about 5 months cause our stuff wasnt going to...


I am so frustrated!

I thought I was doing better..with the whole my sons father's youngest daughters mother friending me and then setting me up..until my sons father imed me on friday..he told me...


Behavior issues

ok I have a 3, almost 4 yr old girl. She is in pre-school/daycare and for the the last couple months she has been acting bad at school, pulling her pants down, hitting the...


My Tired Baby

My lil guy is just over 7 months old. He is so awesome, love him to bits. I am having a problem getting him to take regular naps and get him to bed later. Currently he is...


I am new!

Hi, I am new to the group and wanted to introduce myself. My husband and I adopted our precious son who is just about 7 months old now. When we recieved custody he was ten...


Stopped sleeping through night....

My son is 21 months and in a matter of 24hrs, went from sleeping through the night to wanting to be held or rocked by me and not daddy. He will fall asleep with me but the...


How is school going?

I think for us in the US school is in full swing. I was wondering how everyone's school year is going so far? MY son is in the 8th grade and this is the second week of school....


Fighting boys!

My boys are 2yrs and 3mths(Evan) and just turned 1(Oran). My problem is Oran has started to walk and Evan has no interest in sharing his space. Before Oran started to walk he...

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My daughter has been one year old for almost three weeks and every since she was as young as two months, she hasn't taken well to people. If she didn't see you everyday, then...