My son Joseph passed away

Hello Not sure what I am looking for here I know no one can give me the answers I need I have been married almost 13 years and was told we could not have children with out...



At what age did you allow your child to start doing sleepovers? And what were your rules regarding them? What if you don't know the other childs parents very well- would you...


Formula amount for a 6.5month old?

Just wondering if I should be worried with the amount of formula my 6.5month old daughter is taking. On average she is only taking 20-24oz a day. 8am: 4-5oz, 12pm: 2-3oz,...


Waking up screaming at night

My one year old used to fall asleep really fast and sleep all night from 7pm-8am. about two weeks ago he started freaking out and screaming every time he is put to bed or down...


Love or Money?

At the moment here in the UK there is a lot going on with footballers( soccer) cheating on their wives One of them cheated on his wive with her friend which was one of his...

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loss of my baby

on the 8 october 2010 i misscarraged my baby . i was technicaly 3 months but the baby jus stopped growing at 6 weeks . i went in for a D&C and its nearly a month since it...


This is not normal!!!

My 5yo has these "meltdowns." She is hysterical, you can't talk to her or reason with her: NOTHING. Today my MIL watched her and my younger one. Sydney decided as we were...


Potty training my 19-month-old

My 19-month-old daughter is showing clear signs that she's ready for potty training. Diapers are always coming off, she's shown interest in her potty and the big potty, etc. I...

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advice from lawyers and other moms

My husband has full custody of his daughter(our). The bio mom has been restricted phone call only when My husband can monitor them do to a court order and recommendations from...


Weaning off breastfeeding

I have a 7 mth old girl that I am breast feeding. Well she has four teeth two on top and two on bottom, and she is starting to bite and it don't feel too good. So I would like...

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baby's getting attitude!

My 13 m daughter is now testing her limits. If she doesn't want her food she throws it on the floor. look at you, then do it again. I am having trouble with this, any...


No Support System: Confused, Sad and Lonely

My boyfriend/son's father and I are doing terribly. He tries at nothing whatsoever and I have long resented him for not working WITH me to achieve a better life. He watches me...

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Any 24 weekers..?

Tell me whats happening to you physically and emotionally i would like to see what we have in common...

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