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Ritalin? peoples reaction

Why do people always look at you with wide eyes when you mention the word. If this is "THE" thing that works? My son just started grade 1 and it was draining. He ended up...


I need help

My son is now 15 years old we started noticing his hair thinning in patches, it was more noticable when he got a hair cut. I was conserned about this and talked to him about it...

Started by Melissa on 11/15/2011 in Moms Of Teenagers

Last update on 11/20/2011 by Yael


What a Shock !

I am a new mom and I've never had children since now my little boy was born May 7th he was two months ealry. When he was born i was so happy and are now, but i am wandering if...

Started by Jennifer on 05/30/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

Last update on 06/07/2009 by Amanda


Introduction - It's Long :-)

Hi, my name is Gail and it took me until the middle of my pregnancy to even admit that I am, in fact disabled. I was born by emergency c-section in 1975. Everything was fine...


Briannas Story

Some of you have asked questions about my daughter in the past and so someone on here suggested to me that I put up a post with her story, to make it easier for you to...

Started by Mel on 05/30/2011 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 09/03/2012 by Sally


My stay at home challenge

I have been a stay at home mom for 6 years or so and in the past year I am finding that my independence skills are starting to diminish a bit, so to speak. I am finding it...


having a nightmare!!

hi well i dont no where to start really, i have a little boy and he is 7months 1week old. he has been a very hard little boy from day one. at 3days old he got a worse case of...



Hi my name is Raylene I'm a child care teacher, I'm married and 31 years old, I gave birth last week by cesa to my third child Jye, I have two daughters also both born by cesa...


My husband has ulcerative colitis

Hey, just feeling a little discouraged. My husband was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis bout a year ago. He is on 3 different types of drugs and they dont seem to be working....

Started by Michelle on 02/09/2009 in Christian Mommies

Last update on 07/02/2012 by Lucy


How many of you have close girlfriends?

Hi I am new. Just wondering how many women out there can honestly say that they have close girlfriends that they call anytime? I feel like I've failed some how or my old...

Started by Mary on 04/14/2013 in Working Moms

Last update on 06/11/2013 by Stephanie


Hi there to you all

I am new here with 3 girls aging from 4 -nearly 5mths. A lot of things have been going on for me lately and ive been feeling myself boiling over time. Not being able to cope and...



i am happy that i have a healthy baby girl but it still makes me cry thinking about how it all happened and since it happened i havent felt like myself what can i do?

Started by Terri on 04/28/2009 in C-sections

Last update on 05/03/2009 by Karen

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