Overweight daughter

I have a soon to be 5 year old daughter who weighs 85 pounds. I noticed she was gaining a large amount of weight when she was 3 years old. She went from 34 pounds to 60 pounds...


Constipation in a breastfed baby?

My son is almost 7 months (5 and 1/2 corrected -- he was a preemie). He is still on breast milk (via a bottle). We started solids about 3 weeks ago (cereal, vegetables). He's...


What is your April baby up to these days?

I'm new here and glad to be part of this group. I was just wondering what your babies are up to. My daughter was born April 5th and I swear, she thinks she's a year old already....

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what to expect

hey ladies, This is my first child, im 8 months pregnant and i want to know what i can expect from here on out. I have read the what to expect when expecting books but i want...


overcoming eating adversions

My son is 2 and is still drinkingfrom a bottle, he has spd and is latose intolerant... can anyone share methods that worked to help your child over come the dislike of food? We...



my baby girl is 18 weeks old, im wondering when to start her on soilids n how to go about doin so. ive recently cut her down from 5 bottles a day to 4, like the tin says for her...



So my daughter is 13 yrs old and had a double femurostomy(they cut wedges out of femur bones and put in steal plates to starighten the legs) in August of 2011. She was casted...

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What to do next?

Okay, I have a feeling this is just going to turn into a rambling mess, but I have to get it out. I'm hoping that here, I am among other Mom's that can give me insight, advice,...


intelligender...boy or girl

im not sure how many of you ladys out there have heard of this or not but i was told this by a mom/friend after we couldnt see the sex of our baby at our 20 week sono just this...


Bilateral Club feet

Hello all you moms!!! My name is Mariena and my on Marcus was born August 1st 2008. There was nothing wrong when with the ultrasounds we had. When he was born, it was obvious...


flying with seizures?

My son is fifteen months old and this is the first time I will be flying with him since he's had seizures. He's on Valproic Acid and it seems to be working fairly well (some...



Does anyone else have the Mirena? I have a set of two year old b/g twins and I just had my son on July 12th, and I decided to try Mirena for birth control as we would like to...

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