My 5 year old twins seem to have trouble being grateful or appreciative for the things they have or receive. How do I teach them this concept. I try talking to them about it,...


19 month old Refusing to eat?

A couple of months ago my son decided to stop eating.Oh he would snack and drink all he wanted but when it was time for a meal he wouldn't touch it.I stopped all the snacks and...


help with a fussy baby n his formula

my son is almost three months old.he tried every type of similac formula for gas n fussiness.even the allimentum.all any of them did was make him even gassier,fussier n not able...

Started by Robyn on 07/26/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Need answers...

My daughter is 6months old will be 7 months old here in a week. Let me give you some background first, my daughter sleeps all night long (9pm-830am) most nights. She eats a...


Meds cocktail!

Anybody else's kids on a cocktail of meds? My little one is on 10ml/400mg Epilim/Sodium Valproate twice a day, 6ml/600mg Keppra twice a day, 7.5ml/7.5mg Clobazam twice a day and...


Dairy and egg intolorance

Hi, I'm kind of new to this whole allergy thing! My son's just turned 1 and had a skin prick test done a few months ago. It came back that he has intolorance to dairy, egg and...


sleep problems!

my 4 month old sleeps through the night great, but he will only sleep if he is in our bed. we want to break him of this badly, but he will scream for hours on end if we leave...


How did you cope? Did you realise you had PND?

Hi, just wanted to tell you my story of PND. After giving birth to my son 19 years ago, I sank into PND. I didn't realise it, just thought everything was too much, life was too...

Started by Jan on 09/30/2009 in PND

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my son sees ghosts please help

my 4 yr old sees ghosts in his room a parachute man dead babies that was buried under the pavement the dead mommy to the poor lil babies an old lady a dog called reef all of...


On the back or On the side?

I'm just curious if anyone has discussed the issue of whether your baby should sleep on it's back or on it's side? Just last week, my niece's best friend lost her 4 week old...

Started by Wendy on 04/29/2009 in May 2009 Babies

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My 7 Month old doesnt want to eat any solids

My 7 Month old daughter doesn't seem to want to eat any type of solids. She's very interested when we eat at the table, but when i give her cereal, egg yolk, most fruit or even...

Started by Yevgeniya on 11/04/2008 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Bed Time

Can anyone tell me how to get my 4 month old son to sleep through the night? Doctor said he is old enough to sleep without wanting food during the night but he still wakes up 2...


How much solid food should baby eat?

I have a 5 1/2 month old baby boy and we started solids a few weeks ago. He's very large for his age, 22lbs, and when he eats he can eat an entire container of stage 1 baby...

Started by Amanda on 07/31/2012 in Babies And Infants

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it's ok to be "different"

I have 3 kids w/ ASD. My youngest son has "classic autism" or "severe autism" It is frustrating to me when people talk about "curing" autism. Why don't they talk about "curing"...


I need help!!!!

i dont know what to do.. my son is 10 years old and he gets angry, i try to help him with his homework and he just dont care for learning, he HATES school, hes on 2 meds 1 for...