eating food/

when is it ok to start giving your child table food?

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I'm a 20 yr old single mum with a six mth old daughter, and i still live at home with my mum, younger brother and sister. in the beginning i was breast feeding but due to...


I knew I was lucky, but not this lucky!

My son Logan was born at 35 weeks gestation was 5lbs 14oz. he is 4 months now and 16lbs. I have quite a few friends with babies, but none that had preemies, so no one understood...

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Not sitting up unassisted at 7 months?

My little guy just turned 7 months on Feb 21st and his isnt sitting up unassisted yet. The only milestone he has reached is rolling from back to front. Anyone else have a 7...

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Is my baby fat???

I'm getting tired of people telling me my baby is fat!! He is not fat!! He was 9 lbs 5 ounces when he was born and he now weighs almost 19 lbs at 4 months. Now correct me if I'm...

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Just venting about DH :)

I am soooooo frustrated!!! Because of a medical condition I was told 9 yrs ago right after my ds was born that I really shouldn't try to have any more kids (I always wanted...


picky eater

hi, my 22 month old boy wont eat anything i choose to give him he has always been a picky eater and for about 3 months he wont eat vegies and when i try give him meat he cringes...


help my 3yr old is acting real strange!!!

has anyone else had a problem with their young children just zoning out on them? my son will look right at you but it really feels like he is looking through you, and no matter...

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Were your twins premature?

I'm not talking 2 weeks early, I'm talking 35 weeks gestation or less. This is my story: My twins were born at 30 weeks, and spent 8 1/2 weeks in the NICU in another city an...

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Night Terrors/ seperation anxiety or what???

My son used to wake about twice a night, but would just fall back to sleep again after he saw me. Suddenly he would wake at night round about 12 and he'll scream and cry at...

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