I think I have some sort of depression... I don't know if it's the antibiotics I'm on or the hormones or what... but I have been starting fights with my boyfriend over the...

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Weening!!! Is there any easy way to do it??

I am a first time mother and my son will be 1 year old in December. He has been breastfed since day one and only breast milk no formula at all. His doctor gave me the ok for...


rice cereal

my daughter is almost 2 months and i keep getting opinions as to giveing her rice cereal either in her bottle or by spoon. some say between 2 and 3 months and others say to wait...

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Is this Night Terrors?.

Okay.. I know SOMEONE has to be dealing with this too.. My son was diagnosed with PDD when he was 17 months. He is currently 2 and some change. Every so often, for the past...


when should i start weaning my baby girl??

hi,my baby girl is nearly 5months and im not to sure when to start weaning her on to baby food. i have asked afew of my friends when they started weaning their babies who are...

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My 6 1/2 month old still seems to have a tongue thrust happening...we've been trying to feed him solids every few days, but he won't swallow anything yet. Did anyone else's lo...


BM acting very weird since i got pregnant.....

my stepsons' BM and i have never been friends. we dont talk unless we have to, but im not mean to her or anything. shes always shot me evil looks every time she sees me...until...

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Disapproving husband.

When my husband and I had our first daughter we had no intention of her sleeping in our bed, but after about 3 months and her growing out of her bassinet and my husband not...

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Hi Everyone, My 4 year old son is very delayed, he is not speaking yet, has sensory issues and has many medical problems, none of his doctors have any idea what has caused all...


fragile x syndrome

my sons dr has mentioned fragile x syndrome which my 7yr od is gonna be tested for was just wondering if anybody else has heard of this so i can have info on what this is...


Possibly wrong diagnoses??

Hi! My son will be 4 in June and he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in August (8 months ago) Around the time of his diagnoses he would stim alot, he would go sit somewhere and throw...


please help

pls moms, i'm trying for another baby, will drinking apple cider vinegar pose a threat to that? in other words can acv with ''mother'' unpasteurized stop me from getting pregnant?


How are you feeling about childbirth now?

I'm curious, about a year after the birth of your child, how are you feeling about the experience? What are your thoughts on the passage into motherhood? What new perspectives...

Started by Angela on 08/26/2009 in July 2008 Babies

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