Earn extra money while the kids are in school!

I am a stay at home Mom to a 2 year old and 6 month old. I work with a large group of Moms; we help people create income from home. No parties, No inventory, No MLM! FREE...

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Prem baby all grown up.

My mom had me when she was 26 weeks pregnant, back in 1982 and I weighed 600g at birth. Now 28 years later and all grown up, I can say to all those moms with Preemies, all it...

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18 does not mean your an adult!

My son just turned 18. He has a girlfriend and we approve of her. We treat her like family, she goes to dinner with us and family functions. BUT, some days i just want my son to...

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Please share your opion

I have cousin who currently has three kids, the last child is being placed for adoption as she is not able to care for him. She has issues to say the least. I am considering...


Creating Space + Time

Do you have some space for yourself to create, how do you create, where, when??? Could you make it into a business? FYI, if you become freelance you can add it to your hours...


Mastitis keeps returning

My son is three months old, and I have struggled for at least the past month with recurring mastitis. I just got off antibiotics three days ago (which helped--while it lasted),...


my girl think im too hard on them

My girls are 14 1/2 ,16 ,12 on friday and they say im too hard I make them go to bed on school night @ 830 9pm and on week ends 12am Im raising them to be christian women ,I...


hubby bragging

I have to brag on my husband because I am so proud of him! He is going through a big change at work taking on a lot more responsibility, becoming a manger of 12 employees, and...


anyone else feel this way?

im 21 married and have an 18 month old son, Sometimes he is just such a handful i want to rip my hair out. he is so active and outgoing and i know he is young but he just dont...


from mother to mother advice please???

i have a two year old daughter and she used to love eating anything but i moved just recently in april from one place to another and she stopped eating like she was and now its...


60 to 75 lbs to lose please help me!

I need help in dieting I need to loose the weight. I used to weigh 324 lbs but for the last 3 yrs I can't loose anymore and I won't make myself excerise Please help me and pray...


Recently diagnosed with ADHD

My 5 year old was just recently diagnosed with ADHD. He also just started kindergarten. I've already had to meet with his teacher once as well as the problems we have at home...


Needing advice....

I am a first time mom to a 15 month old. Lately, she is uncontrollable. EVERYTHING with her is a fight from getting dressed, taking a bath, feeding her, etc.... I just don't...

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I am the mom of a little girl born in April 2007 with Spina Bifida and hydrocephilus. She has been diagnosed with lots of not fun stuff but we take it one day at a time....


Need some ideas.

I have my son's name tattooed on my wrist along with the chinese symbols for "life". I want to get something for my step daughter, but I don't want to offend the BIO Mom. She...

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Uncaring Biological Mother

I have 2 stepdaughters (12 and 9) and a son (2). The 12 yr old moved in with her father and I about 4 months ago because she couldn't stand her mom's overbearing tyrant of a...

Started by Amber on 10/31/2008 in Step Moms

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