Child care/ daycare

I have 16mo. old son and I feel like it is a good idea for him to spend some time with outher children and people besides me (I am a stay at home mom) there are 2 nice childrens...

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I'm 26 and the mother of 2 beautiful children...

I want more children, and possibly in the very near future. I have certain family members that are very discouraging about the idea. Their opinion is "you have a boy and a girl,...

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Home for the Holidays

This Thanksgiving is the first since my Daughter left for College that she is home. Usually she is staying in Kentucky and we talk on the phone, I have missed her helping out...


Deadbeat Dads

Hi, I'm Brittany and i'm new to this. I've been looking for help/support from other mothers who can understand. My baby dad came in & out of my child's life ever since she was...


family reunion game ideas

i am on limited budget, i need games and fun things to do for about 75-100 people. gasmes that children and adults can play together would be even greater. nothing complicated...


where can i buy disposable diapers for a 40lb girl?

I have a foster daughter who is mentally not ready to potty train and is growing out of the size 6 diapers. I am in need of a bigger size but dont know where to get them. ANY...

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Teenagers and sex

Ok It's not so much a debate I want to start as it is I'm looking for advice. (this is the nicest group that I can get it from) My baby sister (she's 16) has made the decision...

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I want to have a second child

Hi, I have never posted on here before but, I was just wondering what others thought. I have a cutie little boy that is the sparkle in our eye. He will be four next month and...

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i don't want to be selfish....

ok my family is blended 2 " baby daddy's" 2 "baby mommas" and one marriage.... ours. well there are 9 kids in the mix of it all! about a year ago we moved our family to a diff...



Just looking for a little advice. Going through a divorce at the moment. Ex husband could be best described as a sociopath and to the untrained eye appears very charming and...

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I want to start working...

I am a mother to 4 children aged 3,4,6 and 6.. two of the children are my stepchildren .... anyway I have bin a stay at home mom since my fist child was born... My husband and I...

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Utterly Frustrated

My son goes to the neurologist this Thursday. I have been a little anxious about what to expect, but also excited to get some answers. Now, I am just utterly frustrated. Right...


Need help with Custody stuff

So i have been going through a custody battle with my ex. We have this agreement right now that we both get her for two weeks at a time. So every other Saturday I have to drive...

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The Good Old Days

Ever since becomming a parent I've been thinking a lot about how different my generations views are of parenting compared to our parents and their parents views on parenting. I...

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