hello i'm Melissa , and i'm 24 yrs old. I have 1 stepson who's 10, little boy that's almost 3 and a baby girl who's 6 months old. Being a mom is a job. But i would love to chat...

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Not feeling understood

I'm a SAHM to an amazing 1year old boy. I never thought I'd be a mom, never mind a SAHM. I'm still getting the hang of it, but it truly is an amazing thing to be able to raise...

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anyone in Orange County, CA?

I'd like to meet some people who live near me and would maybe like to start a mom's Bible study or just make new friends. I have one son, 4 months old.

Started by Julie on 02/03/2009 in Christian Moms

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how am i supposed 2 handle a new man in my life?

help. i've been divorced for 5 years now, but have been seeing someone for the past 3 1/2 years.fact is, we're deeply in love. we love each other more with every passing day n...

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do any of you.stay at home moms work from home? my husband has been doing a great job providing for us but i want to help but i dont want to leave my babies any advice???

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potty training at 1 or 2???

My mother swears she had us potty trained by 1 years old. She also claims my child should be pt at 1 or when she starts walking. I so disagree because by 1 years old kids don't...

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Looking for Work

I am looking for a legitimate Home Computer/Online job. I would really like to work outside the home, but I have three children who depend on me so very much for school and...


Thanks for the invite!

I am a 29 year- old mother of 3 my oldest is 13 so I am a young mom all right!:)

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need help asap

I am a single mom that has a 11 month old i rasie her all by myself i am going to school. I just git fired my job now i got my cash and food stamps taken away im so confused

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Using LAM!

Hi all. I decided to start this community for moms that use LAM and other forms of natural family planning. It is hard finding people that practice or understand this form of...

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Bussing and Epiliptics

My daughter is in grade two this year, and they are in their fifth week of school. I've transfered her to a new school this year because she was being discriminated against at...


daddy's new girlfriend 20 years younger

I am new here, searching for suggestions and straight-forward tell it like it is comments. I left my ex after 15 years of horrible, emotional and mental abuse. It's been close...

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New Step-Child Developing Late

Hi all! I made this account specifically because I just don't know what to do with my step-sons. I'm 25, I have no kids (I wasn't ready); my S/O and I have been together almost...


stay at home

today and every day i have the same routine i have 2 great kids but am finding it harder to be satisfied with my role as a stay at home mom how do i fix this



HI my fellow Moms.. My husband is a police officer and I am a SAHM of 3 girls.. Looking to meet , chat with other moms who understand what we deal with being married to our...