My 3 year old daughter is FINALLY having an EEG done after 4 seizures this year (getting worse with each one) the last one that she had on tuesday was what they think was a...


gestational diabetes: what's it all about?

I'm 36 weeks. Because of a series of small problems and a little forgetfulness, I didn't do my 1 hour glucose test until two days ago (I know, I know! big mistake!) My one-hour...


school too much?

my little girl (my oldest) has just started SK this year .. she did go to some of her JK year she started in march because she was finally ready ( had a hard time potty training...

Started by Ashley on 09/17/2012 in Debating Mums!

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Baby crying for attention

Hi, my 3 1/2 month old baby boy has started to cry for attention. When I set him down in his playpen so that I can make dinner or work around the house he will cry right away -...


does anyone else feel like a single mum?

my husband has asked me to find a job so all the ones i have found are on his 2 days off sun n mon but he dosnt want me to take them as he dosnt want to look after the kids on...

Started by Annemaree on 04/30/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Help with project for my 1st Grader :-)

Hi Iowa Circle of Moms!! My name is Jen and I am a Kansas Circle of Moms member. I have two kids - Mandy in 3rd grade and Zach in 1st grade. Zach's teacher just gave us a...

Started by Jen on 03/28/2009 in Iowa Moms

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Conflicting Sports Teams

This is a super silly post but we have a HUGE conflict within our family. We predicted this even before we were married. I'm from Boston, my husband's from Queen, NY. My family...


Only 12, but so much attitude!

I have a 12 year old stepdaughter who has lived with me since she was 4. Her bio mother is not in the picture. We used to have a great relationship until about a year ago. Now...

Started by Leanna on 07/19/2009 in Christian Moms

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Toilet Training a willful 3yr old...

My son Fletcher will be 3 next week and we are having huge issues with toilet training. He will do a wee on the toilet, and seems to have good control, but only does it when he...

Started by Niele on 02/02/2010 in Toddler Moms

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escape from the crib

Last night my son fell out of the crib - he just has a bump on his head, but his father and I are pretty shaken up about it. The mattress was at the lowest setting and the rail...