Hi I'm a 53 year old Mom that is raising other people's children at this point. I thought this would be a good group to be a part of to talk, seek advise, whatever. My...

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Biting while breastfeeding...

How do I go about getting my son to stop biting me while breastfeeding? He got his top left tooth first, and now he's working on at least three more teeth. This does not make...


Littles ones and the dreaded playground

I love taking my son to the park, and I really want him to have as much fun as possible there, but I get so scared when he starts climbing on the play ground. It's at least a...

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i feel i dont have time but ............

I feel that i dont have time but i want to do something for my family. i have three people in my family.my baby is just six month old son. so i cant give him different foods...

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my 3 years old kid is rigid he dont want to read alphabets & numbers . how to make him read

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Detaching from

I know you guys probably get sick of reading about my emotional issues....sorry! I don't care if anyone reads this, I just need to type it. I'm detaching from my loved...


Is my baby too big to breastfeed?

So, Ive always been a huge believer/supporter in breastfeeding and have researched it pretty thoroughly over the years but I still have questions. Maybe y'all can help! My baby...


trouble with change

My son is four and boy does he have issues with change and transitions. Today I clean the playroom in our home and he FREAKED because I moved his table to the center of the...


Finger Poo Painting

My daughter is 2 1/2 and she has recently discovered the 'joy' of sticking her hand in her nappy, scooping out her poo and using it to paint herself, her toys, the carpet, walls...


Need help with sleep issue, please!

Ok, it is TIME! Our history: hubby insisted on co-sleeping (in another room than me) with DS, transitioned into crib at around 7 months, did well; moved across the country to...



Delete Are you sure? Yes | No Asked by You (1:09 pm) (1 mom has helped) I've been getting into a deep depression lately! I'm sure a lack of sleep, 2 young children and an...


Potty in school... not at home

I have a 3.5 YO son who's trying to potty train. Problem is.... he doesnt fuss or fight when he does it at preschool but gives me a hard time (throwing tantrums) when I try to...


At the end of my rope!!!! Full time Step Mom

My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years. We have a blended family. We have my 2 girls and my husband's son. My husband and daughters get along great. He...

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