going to sleep alone in a toddler bed

about a week ago we switched to a toddler bed from a crib...my son will be 2 at the end of next month. he loves the bed but will not go to sleep by himself...since he was born i...


Where we wrong?

Okay I have a SD and a SS I have been their SM for going on 11 years now and they are 16 (SD) and 13 (SS). In January the kids Bio mom called me and asked for $5000.00 out of...

Started by Ami on 08/18/2013 in Step Parenting

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potty training nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!

my son will be 3 on monday dec 20th and still doesn't use the "big boy" potty....... i cant stress how many different websites i've checked out and how many moms i've asked that...


Any meal ideas for a 16 month old?

Hi, I have a 16 month old son & I feel like i am always feeding him the same stuff! Does anybody have any ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & easy snacks? I do the regular...


seriously! what's it going to take???

my husband REFUSES to listen to me on the damn money shit! WHY SHOULD I TREAT A 25-YEAR-OLD MAN LIKE A CHILD??? am i wrong for being angry when he goes off and wastes $5 a meal...


Potty training

My 3 1/2 year old son will not tell me when he has to use the potty. If I take him when I go he stays dry all day. Help


5 yr vs 1 yr

My 5 yr old LOVES my 1 yr old. She is always in her fave, and picking her up, and moving her around. My 1 yr old want to do thing herself. She get SO mad when she gets...


Birthday party ideas

My little guy is coming up on 2 on June 26th and i'm a single Mom with 3 other kids. I have limited money and wanting to give him a nice party. I need ideas of places to go...

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Hi my name is Shell & I'm a mum of an awsome 5yr old boy & 6mnth,4 corrected( prem) twin girls. lifes going pretty well but just wondering if any mums out there in the same...


potty training twins

am having trouble potty training my 2 year old twin girls. they know what the rr is for and will sit there but do nothing. Any suggestions.


Changing baby's diaper

my baby girl is a little over 10 months now and since the last little bit, it's been getting hard to change her diaper. When I change her, most of the time she hysterically...


Language learning

I have a six year old I that I need to find some enrichment for. He's not in a gifted program because there aren't any available to us in this area. His school is pretty good...