play behavior

My 14 month old son never plays with his toys; he just pulls them out. For example he pours out all of the blocks, dumps out the small basket with dog toys in it, takes each...

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Will I ever Date again?

Being a single mom doesn't leave much time for myself, never mind time to meet someone. Sometimes I feel like I'll be alone forever, and I really want to have another baby. It...

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Staying Positive with kids

How do you stay positive when your kids aren't being positive? I don't think they have accepted me as a single mom and they blame me for splitting up with their father?

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how to keep a 3-4 year old adhd child busy?


Love for reading

How do I get my 5 year old son to love or even like reading? He is just starting out and at this point not a great reader but hates every moment of it. I have tried to make it...


Terrible 2s!

Hi. We believe our daughter is gifted (posted in other posts) and my daughter has just hit the terrible 2s. Thing is she doesn't lie down in shop aisles and scream "I want I...


Potty Training boys

My four year old son will NOT go poop on the potty. His twin sister has been going on the potty for two years. He will go pee but absolutley not poop, weve tried everything...


8yr daughter still has poop "accidents"help

My girl has been doing this for awhile now. She's been to Dr.s ive tried everything, Good rewards, punishment, her washing her own stuff. She says she can't control it but feels...

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Detaching from

I know you guys probably get sick of reading about my emotional issues....sorry! I don't care if anyone reads this, I just need to type it. I'm detaching from my loved...


Need Ideas for the cold weather

I'm originally from Southern California but have transplanted in New Jersey. I'm all for going to the park every day cause I love being outside but from November through March...

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about me

Hi All! New to Circle of Moms & semi-new to being a Mom!! My little guy was 3 in January and is busy, busy, busy. Great fun and usually lots of laughs. He's quite...

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Hi I'm a 53 year old Mom that is raising other people's children at this point. I thought this would be a good group to be a part of to talk, seek advise, whatever. My...

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Biting while breastfeeding...

How do I go about getting my son to stop biting me while breastfeeding? He got his top left tooth first, and now he's working on at least three more teeth. This does not make...


Littles ones and the dreaded playground

I love taking my son to the park, and I really want him to have as much fun as possible there, but I get so scared when he starts climbing on the play ground. It's at least a...

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