My 6-yr-old is absolutely gross. He won't wipe himself after #2 as he figures his underwear will do the job. He uses his saliva as an adhesive. He spits up stuff in weird...


SAHM and also caregiver to my Mom.

I stayed home with my son since he was born in 1991. when he was about 15 my parents health started to decline. I cared for them all day, took to doctors, got meds, etc. also...



My husband's best friend just got a job in ND and now my husband is all fired up about the possibility for us. I gotta say I am freaking out. I've been reading about Williston...


Dating as a single parent

I'm new to the group and I am a single mom with a feisty 4 year old. I wanted to get anyones opinion on dating with kids. I have found it really akward, what about you guys?

Started by Ashley on 12/29/2008 in Single Moms

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New here

Hello all, my name is heather, im from alabama. i have 2 small children-russ will be 3 in Feb,and kaitlyn was born Oct 10 07. She is so much fun! and this year has past so fast...



So, is anyone dealing with a teenage boy who acts more like a premenstrual GIRL? My 14 yr old son is so moody and sassy...his main goal in life is to ARGUE with me (and anyone...


Need your prayers...

I have a 13 yr old and lately we have been at odds. She is becoming very disrespectful and now claims she wants to live with her Dad, who does not believe in the Chrisian...

Started by Takisha on 05/04/2009 in Christian Moms

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Need Bachelorette Party Ideas!!!

I'm planning an in house Bachelorette party...actually it is in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. I really need some ideas. Most all the ideas online are for things to do at a...


Separation Anxiety

My son is almost 13 months old and going through the separation anxiety phase. However, his case of separation anxiety is incredibly severe. He had a bone marrow transplant at 8...


want another

I was 17 when i got pregnant with Madison, 18 when i had her, and will be 20 in 4 months. i am not with her father. he was abusive and just a BAD person. but the guy i am with...


sexually four year old NEED HELP

Ok guys i really need your help I have a four year old who is very obessed about the female body i know that he is see the difference between male and female but some of the...


has ur child ever pulled out the feeding tube

ever since my son who is 2. started moving more he seems to pull it out or try to pull it out. he has had it since he was 5 months old. he learned how to sit up at 15 months....

Started by Lisa on 10/31/2009 in G-tube Parents

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Birthday Crisis

My daughter, Valerie, will be 1 on Christmas Day. I have no idea what to do for her birthday. On top of that, we live in Mississippi, but will be in Missouri for Christmas. AND...