Needing advice....

I am a first time mom to a 15 month old. Lately, she is uncontrollable. EVERYTHING with her is a fight from getting dressed, taking a bath, feeding her, etc.... I just don't...

Started by Kristy on 06/30/2010 in Want To Vent?

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When does putting your foot down becomes abuse?

My kids are 4 & 2. When the oldest one has a tantrum, her really stubborn and irritating behaviour drives me absolutely crazy due to her complete inability to listen to sense....

Started by Anna on 08/15/2012 in Step Parenting

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Baby daddy drama!

Ok. So my daughter is 3 months old.. her dad has never met her.. just seen pictures... he had 4 kids before her and now i just found out he is having ANOTHER baby with his new...



Hi. I've been co-sleeping with my beautiful boy now 19mths and hubby and i have recently started talking about number two. My question is do I have to move him out of the bed,...

Started by Casey on 12/22/2008 in AP Moms

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Bio-mom guilt trips child

I've had it with my SD's bio-mom guilt tripping her about our relationship....she is only 4 yrs old! My fiance has full custody as of right now. We have been in court every...

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Being ignored

I have problems communicating with my husband. Not because i don't try or I don't want to talk to him, it's because he chooses to think that everything he wants to do is more...


Bed Wetting

My two girls ages three and four stopped wetting their beds a while ago and now there back at it What should I do?

Started by Liz on 03/02/2011 in Toddler Moms

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Anxiety getting out of control?!?!

I have an anxiety disorder, complete with panic attacks and all. Lately I feel as though it's getting worse. I had it well under control with very few times that they would...

Started by Jennifer on 08/12/2010 in Expecting

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My 4 year old is driving me crazy!

I am having a serious issue! My youngest son will be 4 in November and for the past 5 months he has been getting owrse in his behavior. We moved out to California 5 months ago...


i need a little support

im a 21yr old mother of 3 and im about to be a single mother, im not sure if i can do it by myself. i have ppd which im now on medication for but this isnt gonna help my...

Started by Rhiannon on 06/22/2010 in Mommas Under Stress

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