Needing advice re: 13 yr old daughter

I have a 13 yr old daughter who I am absolutely struggling with. Her grades in school are pretty good (All B's & 1 C), she's outgoing (band, drama club, plays soccer), she...


A family of ADHD's

I have a 6 year old son with ADHA, he is very aggressive and talks about shooting guns and killing himself. It scares the heck out of me cause he is my first born and I don't...


I need suggestions on WEANING!

I have a nearly one year old who won't drink a bottle at sleep times. She will only takes small sips of Homo milk during the day from her sippy cup and transition bottle. She is...

Started by Syrina on 01/12/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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My 4 year old and her listening problems..

my daughter is 4 years old and has some temper, and it is not going away, she also has a attitude like yelling at me all the time, and defintiely not listening, i need some...

Started by Christine on 05/22/2009 in Step Moms

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I have 15 wk old twin boys and I'm wondering if I should have them on a routine. We have some what of a bedtime routine eating between 8-9 and asleep between 9-10 they have...

Started by Candis on 12/12/2009 in Twins

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baby #2

So.. I just found out that I am pregnant for the second time and we have almost 9 month old. We are still in shock. This wasn't the plan we had in mind. We are happy but scared...


the replacement mom

Hey all, just looking for some support. As of two weeks from now, I should be finally divorced. It's been fairly rocky being separated for about a year and a half. I have a two...

Started by JESS on 09/05/2010 in Single Moms

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won't stay in bed

My 3yo daughter will not stay in her bed at night. She has been in a big girl bed for about 3 or 4 months and she loves her new bed. Bedtime has become such an aggrivation....


suggestions please

I was just wondering if anyone has any idea of how to get my 3 year old son to listen to me while we are out shopping? He is very adventuress and likes to explore but its hard...

Started by Aubrey on 08/08/2011 in Christian Mommies

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twins what a shock

i just found out i was having twins yesterday. i have a daughter who will be two in august and of course their dad is leaving my mother also lives with me i feel lost and...


Feeling Lonely

I havent been on here a while. but i thought id reach out to any other moms on here for some advice. Im a 30 year old SAHM in Vegas. I have 2 wonderful kids and a husband that i...


Stubborn Toddler

My daughter is 2, she is a strong little girl! I just worry that maybe she isnt eating properly and not getting what she needs. How do I get all the good foods into something...