Baby sleeping in parents room

HI i was just wondering if anyone is in the same situation as me i live in a 2 bedroom unit and have a 2 yr old daughter and a 5 month old little girl. I still have the 5 month...



Any other moms on here feel under appreciated because the hubby works all day and thinks that is a valid excuse not to give us a break?


Too much on her plate!

My daughter, Kendra is 19. She is in her sophmore year and she is an RA which gives her $8,000 towards her tuition each semester but it also tires her out badly. She has to...



Any tips for cheap or repurposed organziational items/idea... I feel soo overwhelmed by STUFF! I have ADHD, raising 1 ADHD and 1 non ADD daughter by myself. Any ideas would be...

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New SAHM experiencing cabin fever

Hello out there! My son was born on 12/2/10 and I recently decided to become a SAHM this last march, after having worked full-time since I was 14 (now 25). I love being with my...


lonely at home

my son is 2 months old and i stay home with him while my boyfriend works. i got charged with a d.w.i. 2 years ago and still don't have my license back so when i say i stay at...


what are good diet pills

since i had my daughter ive never really looked at myself(or had time to) but last night i overheard a friend of my bfs family talking about how big i am,i know im on the...


Cabin Fever

This is my first experience with a preemie. Haley is a 29 weeker who is currently 5 months old. She's been great and is very healthy. She avoided the flu that the rest of the...

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Welcome to our new community. I hope that you find this a place to share your feelings. Sad or Happy. We all have had a loss and coming together is a way to heal. I'm sure...


is it normal??

hi there, my husband goes out of country once a month and some times twice for a week or more then that.my hubby most of the time comes late from office and i have to take care...


potty dilema

i am a mother of seven. my two year old wears pull-ups during the day and a diaper at night. this seems fine, right? i still have the problem of her telling me when she has to...


jelouse 2 year old

i jsut had a new baby girl 4 weeks ago and i have a 2 year old she is having a hard time dealing with her new sister. everytime i give them a bath my 2 year old gets in her...

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What would you think about this situation?

So, what would you think about this situation : I helped a friend, who was pregnant, a lot throughout her pregnancy. I had her over for dinner a couple times, I gave her a lot...

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Tips for keeping your kids room clean

It seems like my three year old's room is constantly a mess. Books, toys and stuffed animals that he wants to keep out eventhough we have shelves and bins for them. Not to...

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Pets after baby..

I have a 17 year old cat that I've had since I was 5 years old. I've not been able to give her nearly as much attention since my son has been born. We no longer let her go in...

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