Getting my children to sleep!

I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old, neither one of them will sleep through the night.And neither one of them will sleep in their own beds. Help! Ive tried everything I can...



My son will be 12 weeks tomorrow and he sleeps about 85 percent of the day. During the day he may be awake for a total of four hours, if that. He usually just wakes every two...


PTSD and Combat Dreams

How does everyone else handle this? Recently my husband has been having more combat dreams than usual. I have been told by many that when he starts to have one get up out of the...



Hi there, I'm a single mum to a four year old boy and have just moved to England. My son's father lives approximately 2 hours away from us. I'm having an issue with him at...

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Family and Household Problems

so hi everyone my name is Ashley i am 16 years old and pregnant with a daughter named Arianna who is due December 11.I live in a house with my mom who is self employed and my...


baby dad

How do you dell with the dad when he says he is trying when he isn't! I broke up with him about a month and half ago. When we were together and i went to his house i would ask...


worried about my friends 3yr old

One of my best friends has a 3yr old who sounds like a tomblyboo (incoherrent) apart from a few words, isnt toilet trained even tho she is so very clearly ready! she is a late...


Grandparents Overstepping Boundaries

My mother is really overstepping her boundaries and interfering with the way my husband and I want to parent. It's tough because my parents help me out alot by watching my son...


How can I manage?!?!

My daughter is almost 20 months and her baby brother is due in September. I currently stay at home with my daughter, while finishing my bachelors degree. I had been trying to...


Twelve going on 20

I have a twelve year old daughter who seems to be going down the wrong path. She is wearing a lot of black and just seems kind of "dark". She is physically more mature than most...

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