feeling guilty

today my son and I was having a bad day. Was trying to get stuff done for my parents and baby wouldn't leave me alone. Just wanted him to LEAVE ME ALONE. I attended to him, but...

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Wedding dilemma

I am going to try to be brief. I have 5 children (one son who is 21 and 4 daughters who are 18, almost 16, 13 and 8) and my husband has one daughter who is 17. His daughter...


Baby #2 On the way and my nerves are shot!

hello! I am Due July 26 I'm 16 weeks along and am actually bonding with baby this time around. I'm enjoying feeling him/her kick which was not the case last time around! My...

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Hallowe'en/Fall themed activities?

Just curious what fun activities you lovely Bitchin' Ladies do with your kids for the month of October? I love October! The trees changing colours, leaf piles, crisp Autumn...

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2 Problems I need help with.

My son was born on Oct 2 2008. He has always been a pretty good sleeper but always has a runny nose because he refuses to stay covered up while he is sleeping. If I try to cover...


Help with my 12 year old in school

My daughter is 12 years old, and I can't get her to take her school work seriously. She doesn't try her best and she is barely passing. I've done everything I know of from...


Wish I got just a little help?

I love my husband, but he never helps out around the house. I have things that need to get done and he just acts like its all my job. I stay home with my two year old and...

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Baby wants to be held 24/7, HELP!!

Hey moms, I have a 9 week old daughter who will not be content with playing or laying down without me or my husband holding her. She will scream and cry her our ears off unless...


I'm being accused of trying to alienate BM. Help?

OK, I started taking my 4 year old step daughter to school recently. BM has a problem with it because SD has been throwing a fit every time BM picks her up from school and...

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When to have "the talk"

My daughter is 9 years old, is very athletic and plays/hangs out with older kids. Because she's athletic, she gets along real well with boys and is starting to get a little...

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Dropping formula and starting milk

In another month, we can finally drop formula and start whole milk. How much milk are they supposed to get each day at 12 months old? Also, on their 1st birthday, do you just...


"wedding ready" by july.. any advice??

at least its not my wedding right? my sister is getting married july after our daughter is due and of course im in the wedding party.. right along with all of her skinny little...


Anyone have a subchorionic hematoma?

Long story but I woke up at 10 weeks and could not pee. Weird huh? Anyway I went to the ER and had a catheter placed to help me out. Immediately after this I stood up to dress...