Family Daycare Help

Just wanting to know what your family day care fee per hour is? And anything else you find Important when looking at FDC. Ta

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My son is 11 months old and its time to wean him :( how do i make this easier on both of us?

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So, it's been 11 months since I gave birth and my hair is thinning out and im losing quite alot of it. Spoke to the GP and she said it was most probably the hormones and my body...


2 MO refuses bottle...HELP

I just returned to work 3 days ago. I have a 2 month old that is refusing to take the milk that was pumped for him. In the morning I take my other boys to school so I leave...


The pain is so horrible

I lost my son on Nov.14, 2011 at 20 weeks. I was in the hospital for 5 days because my water broke early. The Doctors induced me for 3 days until finally I gave birth to my son...


sharp pain?

cuz i don't really have anywhere else to ask this and i figure you ladies might know what's going on... Katherine's "open letter to my gyno" inspired me to ask this, lol. not...


Problem trusting Husband

My husband has a past and I want to know how do you learn to trust somebody you know has a bad rap?? I really love him but things I hear about him make me worry, like he is a...


My daughters Gay :,(

I have a problem. My daughter has recently admitted that she believes herself to be gay. I don't know how to react or how to handle it. Any advice? xxxx

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Child definace.

My son is 3 and a half and he has the worst mood swings.One minute he's happy next he is angry kicking and punching stuff and throwing toys around then he's crying.Its like he...

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I need help. I do not know what to do about my son's behavior issues. He is 2 1/2 years old and his father and I are divorced. He does not mind, he constantly tells me no, he...

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Laundry detergent for cloth diapers

What brand of laundry detergent do you use for your cloth diapers? What brand of diapers do you have? How often do you do wash? Do you only put the diapers in the load or do you...


Is it ok to ask for some help if im a SAHM?

First off it was my husb idea that once our son was born I would quit the two jobs I had been working for the last 6 yrs (I worked both until I was 38 weeks) and stay home with...

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Lack of Independence.

I am very worried about my 7yr old daughters lack of independence. She will not wake herself up in the morning, when she does get awake she then gets her hair/teeth brushed for...

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my 1st baby

Hey everyone..this is my first baby...so I don't really know all about having a baby...how much does your 6 month old eat in a day? Do you feed them certain table foods??


Here we go again

Need to vent. My hubby initiated court action against my SS BM in February. She has seen him once since then and has made no other attempt. She responded to his motion almost...

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Too much food?

My little boy is almost 7 months now (on the 29th) and we started his weaning at around 5 months, but he seems to eat sooo much solids I'm worried I am over feeding him?...