New Scrap Mama :o)

Hi Ladies, I'm the mother of two boys 8 and 4. I LOVE scrapbooking and just spent 30 hrs scrapbooking over the weekend at a retreat, trying to get caught up. I'm excited...

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Why is it that as toddlers they pick up after themselves.But as adults they don't. I miss the days when I used to take stuff away form them till they did what they were told....


Tinker AFB?

Hi there, im an Airforce wife from England, and we are shortly to PCS to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, i was just wondering if there were any of you ladies out there at Tinker...


Long hours and loneliness

Hey All! My husband is a correctional officer at a State Jail here in Texas. It feels like that is where he lives. He is never home and when he is, he is sleeping. I am a...


needs a real work at home job to support family

hi well i have 2 kids who are 1 and 2 im 23 still young anyway i cant go out to work cause i cant afford childcare right now iv looked all over the internet for freal jobs and i...

Started by Lucy on 05/07/2009 in Working Moms

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hyper lil boy

Hi, I have a 7month old boy who doesnt give me any time to do anything. He is just such an active baby. We have bought him so many toys to see if they help, like the swing,...

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Girls, Friends and Boys

Questions. What do you think when you have a teenage daughter and her friends tell her not to speak to a mutual boy that one of her friends like. They say things like "don't...

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my son luke is 15 he has a bad attitude and always answering me and his dad and sulking every parent of teenagers must have this problem.

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would love advice!

my fiance just told me that hes want to join the military .. im not sure what to think about it. we are really struggling right now and he thinks this is a good step to...


really needs help...

so my daughter father(bf) says im fat, and he thinks that i need to lose weight, he thinks if i lose weight it will better our relationship.....,,to be honest to hear those...


How will I get mt 11month old weaned?

I am 20 years old... I have been breastfeeding my daughter for almost a year and allowing her to sleep with me in my bed. How can I get her out of bed and off the e'hem boob...

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My dauther dislikes to play sports??

My daughter is almost 5yrs,I have notice recently that she does some aerobics movement very easy… I tried to join her in a classes of ballet, but she refused to join the...


Having a hard time going to sleep!!!!

My son was born 9/30/10 at night time he will scream, a fling his arms and legs to not go to sleep. I hold him and sing or talk to him to try and get him settled down, but it...


Starting solids?

I just wanted to know peoples personal experiences with starting solids. What age did you start? Did your child develop allergies because you started too soon? My baby is four...


Self Feeding tips needed please!

My son has got the feeding himself with his fingers down... But now he is very interested in using the spoon. I have those take and toss spoons (which are not really great...


Back to work!!???

Hey everyone... I need some advice. My son is 5 months old & I'm seriously thinking of going back to work. Alot of people have said it's too early, but financially I need to....


Morning Sickness with a toddler.

I am on my 2nd pregnancy and i have a 2 1/2 year old and i'm completely exhausted. I'm not working but my husband is and we never get time together. My son is my world but i...