What to expect when moving in together?

My boyfriend and I have taken the step of moving in together and so far, real good. The kids are happy, and we love each other, but I still worry about unforeseen problems. I...


Meds cocktail!

Anybody else's kids on a cocktail of meds? My little one is on 10ml/400mg Epilim/Sodium Valproate twice a day, 6ml/600mg Keppra twice a day, 7.5ml/7.5mg Clobazam twice a day and...


Heart Defects

Our son Jack was born in March 2008 with multiple congenital heart defects. He had 2 open heart surgeries by age 6 months. Doctors discovered the problem while I was pregnant...


The Dangers of Letting Your Baby "Cry it Out"

http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/949653/the_dangers_of_letting_your_baby_cry_pg2.html?cat=25 Now I agree that the crying it out method isnt a very good idea BUT I...

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Female Friendships

This may or may not be appropriate but This was on my mind. All my life, I've had such a hard time maintaining female friendships. To be honest, I've always been the tomboy of...


The best way to soothe a crying infant

From The Stir I can't even remember which friend it was, but someone passed down their used copy of Dr. Harvey Karp's The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD shortly before my...

Started by Katherine on 04/18/2012 in Babies And Infants

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Hi! We're off to Mexico in a few weeks and am wondering if anyone has any tips on taking a 9mth to a hot / sunny destination and if I should pack along jarred baby food (I...


Obese children

Scared my daughter (11 yrs old) is getting obese. Want to help her before it becomes a teenage problem. Any advice?

Started by Roelien on 01/04/2010 in Moms Under 30

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food allergies

does any one out there have a little one with dairy and soya intollerance? im finding it so hard to find nice things for her to eat can any one help?