i had twins 2 1/2 years ago

i need to know what to expect i had twins 2 years ago.. and i we have been trying to have another baby cuz my oldest and the twins are 5 years apart and it has been horrible...

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Sleep Study

I was wondering if any preemies here had a sleep study and was wondering what their reasons were for having one and what your experience was with it. My son is 17 months old....


Poem -- It was only a miscarriage

"It was only a miscarriage." That's what they all said. "Why are you so depressed and upset?" "There will be others... besides it was an early one, at that." "It's not as if you...


question about planes

my son's 8 months old right now but in about a yr n a half we're thinking about travelling, ive seen on here that toddlers are able to go on planes but a lot of people ive...


7 month old nap time

I have a 7month old son who (until now) was wonderful about nap time! He usually took 3 naps a day, 10am 1pm and 530pm. Well now (as we speak) he FIGHTS FIGHTS FIGHTS his naps!!...


picky eater

My 14 month old daugter will not eat fruits and veggies. She will put them in her mouth and then spit them out. I am able to get her to eat fruits by mixing it in with her...


4 year old fits and anger

i'm a single mom of two and my oldest is 4 years old and he throws fits all the time!!! He wines about everything!!!! He screams at me as well and hits me....I've tried...


No help from dad

My Baby Daddy won't help me cause i don't want to be with him. Should I let it go or try?


toys & entertainment for long car trip

Do you have any recommendations for things to keep a 20 month old amused? We haven't taken a long car trip (10+ hours) out to visit my family in over a year. So, I need to find...

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chances of being induced?

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and last week i had an ultrasound to see how big the baby is so far, and they measured him at 8lbs 3ozs. This makes me very nervous seeing as how my mom...

Started by Brittney on 03/31/2010 in Expecting

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Contraception, What worked best for you ?

Im Angie Im 25 and I live in Sydney. When becoming sexually active at the age of 17 i started using the pill. Whilst on the pill, I fell pregnant with my first child. I'm not...

Started by Angie on 04/17/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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18 yearold

my granddaughter just turned 18 and graduated high school. all the wonderful dreams she had are vanishing, first she said she wanted to go to school to be a paramedic then go...



Are there a lot of moms of teenagers out there that are at a point where they don't know how to communicate with their teens and are frustrated? What do you do to improve your...

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no one will listen or help

I have had what I can only describe as depression and anxiety since my oldest son was born in october 07. I managed to work through this but when i was 3weeks off having my...


Traumatized from delivery??

Any other moms out there traumatized by their delivery? Share your story... I had my first son on March 15. Labor was fine, it was fairly easy! I went into labor at 11pm and...

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Recommendations for my big hyper-active baby!

Hi all! Lovely to find this group :-) Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good baby carrier/sling for my very son. He's just turned four months old but very tall and...

Started by Josie on 11/17/2008 in Baby Wearers

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