Daycare/Bottle Questions

I don't go back to work until January, but I am trying to get my son to take a bottle of breastmilk and he refuses. I have tried many bottles and nipples and still have no...

Started by Jamie on 11/10/2008 in Breastfeeding Moms

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On the Cuff

My son is now 7 and has been struggling since he was 2 - started with speech delays and anxiety disorder, delayed, ADHD have been added The Psch says Asperger like qualitites...


Pumping at Work

I had my baby girl on 11/28/08 and returned to work on February 2nd. My company has a space for me to use that is quite, but I am only able to produce roughly around 4oz each...


Potty Training

Ok so we decided that our daughter is ready to potty train. She is interested in the potty, will sit on it, tells you when she has the slightest dirty diaper - BUT - everyone...


Post Partum Depression?

Not sure if we've talked about this one before...not since I've been here anyway. The recent post about the mom murdering her baby got me wondering if people have any feelings...

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Weaning from the breast

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with weaning onto a bottle from breastfeeding. My baby is 9 months old and I will be going back to work in a couple of weeks....

Started by Melanie on 02/27/2010 in May 2009 Babies

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How to get full Custody

I live in Florida and I've tried calling the court houses and they are telling me it's going to cost me alot of money to get full custody of my older two sons. I moved to...


Tell Me How!! :)

I'm sorry ladies.. I'm sure you have 100 posts on new women asking questions, and I did try to read all of the other posts, but I'd like to see if I can get any info. here to...


Anyone adopting from Russia?

My husband and I are in the process of adopting from Pskov, Russia. I was wondering if there were any other moms out there who have adopted from Russia and might be willing to...


We need prayer for our family!

I am fairly new to 'circle of moms'. I have been reading , and what an awesome group of Christian women. My family needs prayer. My husband and I have been married for 3 years...

Started by Aimee on 01/10/2009 in Christian Moms

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Temper or?

My 8yr old son loses his temper and or hets frustrated with games and hits his toys. Last year he punched and broke the screen on his portable Vtech. His BD decided to buy him a...

Started by Sherry on 12/14/2009 in Step Moms

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Just once I would like to hear ......

My daughter was born June 17th, 2006. I should have known from her birth that she was going to be a handful. She decided to come a week early but once my water broke, she...

Started by Dana on 01/07/2010 in June 2006 Babies

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ive never had a c-section but id liek to know more about it incase something goes wrong and id have to have one i need to be mentally prepared. one of my friends told me that...

Started by Elisabete on 01/12/2010 in 4 Or More Children

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17 Year old daughter - Pregnant

Can someone help me explain to my 17 (just turned 17) - that having a child at her age is hard? The father already said he does not want it. It will be up to her 100% - anyone...


Waiting for a foster-to-adopt referral

My husband & I are approved to adopt thru DSS. We have one bio-daughter already. We're waiting for our case worker to call with good news, but we were told it would probably be...