loose focos

My son is 6 all his teachers tell me he is a good students but looses focos real fast . and that's what is making him fall behind. I don't know what do . or how to help him out.


Mom's of Club Feet Children

~I am the Aunt of 2 Club Feet Children and glad to have been invited to the group~ please keep me up to date, and I'd love to find out if anyone hasany suggestions for exercises...


Getting to Know You

Hi ladies-I'm on FB a lot but I seem to forget that y'all are here. So I thought I'd post a getting to know you conversation that will remind me to check back here. Plus, I...

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Baby Shower for #4?

So my youngest daughter is only 1/2 months old and I am due with our last baby in 6 1/2 months. They will be 13 months apart. I threw my own baby shower for my 3rd baby with...

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fetal movements

My boyfriend and I are expecting in June of this year and couldn't be more excited. This is my second child but his first. I am 23 weeks and am feeling the baby move LOTS, the...


Hi everyone!

I am a nurse in OB & I love it! I was wondering if any of you work in OB?

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My 2-year-old holds her bowel movement. HELP!!

She's had a severe diaper rash and the last time she had a solid BM she screamed bloody murder so I'm thinking she's scared to have another one. I've tried appple juice, grape...

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What age do babies start to teeth? And what are the symptoms?? I have a 4month old and his sleeping is not going well at night, waking every hour? His only done that a couple of...


Autism Dr's

Im trying to find a new doctor for my son, he has just recently turned four, and has Autism. We live in Minnesota. Im having a hard time locating a pediatrician/Dr. that...


Nurture Shock

http://www.amazon.com/NurtureShock-New-Thinking-About-Children/dp/0446504122/ref=sr_1_31?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1253167021&sr=1-31 I saw this today and was interested by the...

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How do i survive teething?

My baby girl is 15 months and in the process of getting her first molar. She is destraught and it's breking my heart to see her in so much pain. How can i make it easier for her?


Introductions go here

My name is Trina. I am a stay at home mother of two boys. I am an aspiring doula and I dream of being a midwife. My children are 4, and 8.


Tubal Reversal?

My hubby and I have three daughters, well after my youngest was born in 2008 we decided to get my tubes tied (a lot of family pressure) well I'm only 24 and my hubby is 26 and...


OMG do you shop on Black Friday.

I just heard on the news, some people are already lining up for Black Friday. Have you ever shopped that day. Was it worth it. Were you hurt??? LOL Please share.

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What should I do next?

My son was diagnosed a few months ago as being on the spectrum. I was sent to ABA training. As I am from a place without regular access to specialist, this is quite confusing....