How did you/Have you "come out"?

I recently had to "come out" to my family about my atheism. Or, rather, i came out to my mom and she no doubt spread the news. Here's how it went down: She invited the kids to...

Started by Jessica! on 06/18/2009 in Atheist Parenting

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moms who expressed and fed bottles

I've been reading in a number of the threads about moms who for whatever reason pumped and fed breastmilk in bottles exclusively. I kinda thought I was a rarity and get crazy...


baby and daddy

my 5 month old daughter used to love to cuddle and play with her daddy but from the time she was 3months she has started to not like it as much and my boyfriend feels that she...


How to Wean Nighttime Nurser

My son is 12 months and a night time feeder, couldn't do the cry it out thing, and he goes to bed at 8, wakes at 12, 3, 5 and wants to nurse back to sleep, I am thinking I am...

Started by Mary-Ellen on 12/11/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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I moved to Florida in February and my mother hated it, mainly she hated me being married to my husband and him putting the idea of a move into my head. She decided to go for...


The Second Child

My daughter will be 2 in August. My husband and I have decided to try for our second baby in September/October, so my daughter will be right around 3 (give or take a few months)...


Is something wrong?

My 3 month old son has not yet started to lift his head while on his tummy- at all. He has two basic opinions of tummy time- hates it and cries or content to just lay there...

Started by Brandi on 07/07/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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Zoloft withdrawl?

I was given Zoloft generic by our ob doctor. Due to unforseen financial circumstances I had to just stop taking them without weaning myself. Does anyone know if this will have...


formula first or solids?

Should I be giving my 4 month old solid food then formula or formula first then solid foods? cuz I am doing both right now. Or should the solids be one meal without the formula?