How do you know when to give up?

My daughter's father and I haven't had the best relationship. We've been together 3 years and things haven't always been easy. My pregnancy was horrible because his family & I...

Started by Cynthia on 05/13/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Feeding issues, what can I do?

My son has always had a problem with bottle feeds, since birth really. My friends and family say they've never seen anything like it before. I wont go into great detail about it...


kids cant stay out of the fridge

my 2yr old and 5yrold wont stay out of my fridge ive done the child proof locks they dont work the 5yrold teaches the 2yr old how to do it so im stuck they sneek everything out...


Expressing Milk for Daycare

I go back to work in about 4 months time, and my son will go to daycare, so I will need to express milk, I refuse to give him formula. To anyone who has done or is doing this, I...


Baby Shower Ideas on a Budget?

I have a two year old and about six months pregnant. My mom and I are planning my baby shower, but we are all on a budget as many people are these days. I am looking for budget...


Tantrums And Screaming

Has anyone had issues with a 1 year old throwing tantrums, throwing themselves backwards so hard you think they're gonna break their head open, and SCREAMING!!!? Always...


Should I let him go???

Hey, I'm 21 and have been married to my husband for 3 years, we have a great relationship and he works full time to support us as I am a stay at home mummy. We have 2 children...



Ok I know all mom's tend to see thier babies as "advanced" and special. Well I was just wondering how do you know if your baby really is advanced for his/her age? My son...


Toothbrushing Troubles

My daughter is 2 (obviously I guess) and up till this point I have been using the toddler tooth paste that is safe to swallow but I don't feel like its doing a good enough job...

Started by Lindsay on 01/19/2011 in August 2008 Babies

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do i have to take sides??!!

my bf's parentes separated when he was 12. his dad had a drinking problem and verbally and phisically abused my MIL and sometimes hit my bf, my bf says he does not remember ANY...

Started by Nayuribe on 11/19/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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breastfeeding probs

hi all. my baby boy is just over 4 months (18 wks) I am still breastfeeding well but it seems that my milk has gone funny, lol i mean sometimes its there n sometimes its like...

Started by Caroline on 11/21/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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"marriage" should I stay or should I go?

 I will start by saying I am 21 years old my husband "has some years on me" we have been married 3 years... We have two boys together, one 16 months and one 5 weeks old, and he...

Started by Rebecca on 01/19/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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