I feel like I am about to explode!!! I don't have an outlet. I'm always at home with my children. I love them and I love my husband but not having any friends or family members...

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When will this end?

We have recently "sleep trained" our twin girls. I can hardly call it sleep training; we put them in their cribs instead of co-sleeping and they fussed for all of about 5...



I had my stillbith at 39 week,i was also induced at gave birth 4 hour later and went home without my baby boy. i had anxiety attacks after five days which were so strong i...


Am I falling behind?

I am the proud mommy of a 13 month old boy, Ty'Daniel. So far, he is not sleeping through the night. He's not drinking from a cup. He refuses to eat normal, healthy food and...


how to deal with marijuana

why do you feel marijuana is bad and have you ever tried it? the law? you should find out how the law came to be, and why you hate smokers? marijuana can be cooked and eaten...


Presentation and a question.

Hi. I'm new in this community, thought I would just introduce myself :) My name is Rebecca and I'm from Sweden. I have a 10 month old son, who I breastfeed as much as I can. I...

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My Son also

My Son is going to be 28 this month, he is my youngest and I have 2 daughters also. He was so close to me growing up, a momma's boy if you will, and he always gave me the best...


To healthy?

http://www.parentdish.com/2010/03/03/orthorexia-healthy-eating-disorder/ When he was eight years old, Greye Dunn worried about calories and vitamins, and had a fear of sodium....

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With our daughter turning one this month (congrats to us all for surviving the first year), we are wanting to swap her from formula to cows milk and from bottle to cup. As a...

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weaning...sort of

I am trying to wean my DD off the breast during the day. I still plan on nursing first thing in the morning and in the evening. But she won't take a bottle or drink milk out of...

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